How to BE Successful During Challenging Times

I’m not here to talk to your current self.

The message is never directed at your current self in current form.

The messages – all the messages – that come into your life are directed at your future self. The future “you”.

I’m here to talk to your future self, your higher self.

The part of you that you know you will “realize” one day and bring into your reality.

That person.

That amazing person who maybe isn’t feeling amazing today.

That’s who this is for.

A call to arms, if you will….

Just because it may feel like the world is falling apart, let me be the first to tell you that your opinion of what is happening in the world is like gossip, only your opinion formed by your current thoughts, and like gossip, probably not helpful in any way.

It’s really none of *your* business and really nothing you should be focused on, and definitely not STUCK on. (Unless you are on the front lines and it is your business, it’s still not your business to worry.)

Here’s the real secret all the successful people in the world already know and how to be successful during challenging times – which by the way is ALL THE TIME (not just now…)

2 Things:


Though their thoughts turn sour, sad, mad or stressed out, they can turn them around in an instant, instead of being lead down the rabbit hole.

They lead.

They are not lead.

Especially not by the “voices of the world” or the monkey voice in their heads.

Do you get the difference?

What is leading you down the rabbit hole?

I don’t need to list it here (ahem… news, social…)

The secret jedi-mind trick of the successful people is the rapid speed they can jump out of the rabbit holes, back to focusing on their goals and ways to help serve people and don’t let the rabbit holes waste their time or consume them.

That’s probably one of the greatest gifts I’ve received in the last 20 years on my self-exploration journey!

How fast you can get your head out of the bad news, make a plan, help out, be of service will totally change your reality, your world and your life.

That’s the key to crushing goals and making a difference.



Don’t follow the white rabbit down there… (reddit, reddit, reddit…)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE me a good conspiracy therory (there are so many to choose from now… 5G, Cabal, The Return of Jesus tomorrow – all of these which may be true or not true!)

HOWEVER, despite whether I believe Jesus is coming back tomorrow or not, it is not my job to be caught in the world of “what ifs”.

So what if the Cabal is running the world?

So what if 5G is killing people?

So what if we all lose our money and/or go bankrupt…. seriously – I’m saying ‘so what’ because it has no bearing on what we can control. (Bankruptcy is not as big a deal as one thinks… millions of people have gone through it and have become better for it, like all of our life lessons that seem impossible while we are going through them. Having “no” money means you have to be creative with your tools, gifts and trading skills. That’s all, money is just a currency used to trade – you can actually survive with out physical money or a debit card. Don’t forget that. Humanity has for thousands of years and made it though far more difficult times than these. Amazing really. Broke is a state of mind.)

First of all for your sanity, you have to come back to realizing what’s in your control and what’s not.

WORRYING is not useful – ever.

Also important to note: You are allowed to FEEL all the FEELINGS and FEEL sad, mad, angry. You just allow yourself to FEEL (however long you need) and then you make a decision to move on and leave suffering behind. (Pain is inevitable in the human experience, suffering and misery is optional. – Quoted from many sources!) But you don’t stay there forever, and you can stay there for a week-end crucifying a $18 bag of mini-eggs.

Second, go ahead, when you are in your funk, play out the worst case scenario.

It will probably lead you to the consideration of the afterlife.

Which leads me to the second thing that very successful people have…


They have their beliefs down solid, they know where they are going when they die and they don’t let the inevitable stop them from doing the work they were put on the earth to do.

I feel for all the people who haven’t created a solid belief in their mortality or come to terms with death.

Serious, I send you lots of love and pray you one day have peace about it because this train has left the station and……

Having strong faith gives you 2 things (probably more, but 2 really important things!):


Clearly, we all know this is important and our number one enemy for almost anything great we ever set out to do in this life!

Having faith (and whatever your faith may be for that matter, I don’t think what you believe in is as important as believing it with your whole mind, body and soul) having such strong beliefs and faith literally helps you handle anything that comes your way.

If you don’t have that, then maybe this is your call to tune in and ask for it!

This also includes no fear around death.

There’s a phrase from the Bible: Death has lost its sting.

Regardless what you believe, believe it so much that it take away your fears so you can live a FULL LIFE NOW.

The problem with fear is that it cripples you. It starts in your mind and manifests throughout your body.

FEAR is not the life you were called to live. Do whatever you need to do to rid fear from your life.

Having a strong faith is how you do this.

Successful people know this, obviously fear never stopped them.


The kind of peace that passes any logical understanding. Peace that everything will work out. Peace that allows you to sleep well at night and wake up to tackle the world the next day. Peace that radiates LOVE to others.


You get this peace from your beliefs and your faith – or at least you should!

Your faith and beliefs should offer you total peace. End of story. If they don’t, maybe it’s time to explore something else that will offer you that.

Peace is:

  • Something money will never afford you.
  • Something no one else can offer you.
  • Something ‘war efforts’ and ‘peace keeping efforts’ will never actually accomplish because it always starts within, and never with the other person.

That’s it.

That’s a mic drop, but hey, I’m here to bring real encouragement, not some fluffy message like go take a bath and do some self-care.

This is the highest form of self-care.

This is how you create your world and all the things in it – manage your thoughts and thinking and focus.

You come to terms with your faith, your MAKER, your fears.

You hand things over to your higher power and you let them go, pass on the worry.

Pass, on the worry.

Pass on the worry.

That’s how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa