Be Part Of The Solution

Be part of the solution.

How do you do that?

You say nice things.

You speak positively.

You start taking care of your financial life and get things in order.

You find a new and creative way to make money and not wait around for that to happen to you.

You take deep breaths, meditate and pray.

You calm yourself down and you stop spreading the panic.

You prep.

You prepare – like in a common sense way – for life to not go your way – because now, you finally realize that that can actually happen.

You get your insurances, your emergency fund, your will and final estate documents in order – at the ripe old age of 18…. (this is the point where you need to message me!)

You take responsibility for the world the way it is – you are apart of it. Stop passing the buck.

You always have months of food, water and stuff on hand, because for thousands of years our elders told us to. You know now for next time…. This isn’t hoarding, this is common sense. (Plus we live in a frozen tundra – hello…)

You decide finally that you will never put your family in this stressful situation again and you start making a serious commitment to ‘saving for a rainy day’ today, even if it starts at $20 a week. Everyone in this country can find $20 – the guy on the street made more than that in bottle returns. You don’t need to tell a soul on the planet that you are doing this.

You put yourself in a position where you don’t need to depend on the government and other social programs. I’m not saying they are bad if you need them, I’m saying, you need to commit to financial freedom. Stop making excuses, commit to it and allow miracles to show up in your life.

You make sure you have a solid 6 months saved up. ( I used to say 3 – 6 months, now it’s more like 3 months of expenses in cash on hand and another 3 months in a HISA {high interest savings account like… message me and I’ll tell you the best place to put it!}) – your stress levels will go down dramatically AND no one ever said, “I’ve saved too much!” – take note…

You realize the world is rapidly changing before your eyes and instead of hiding from it, you take on the world, you step up your game – you help more people, you offer more words of encouragement and you do all the things you didn’t have time for, like drop off cupcakes at your neighbours doorstep or write nice notes and mail them or knit a scarf.

You realize that the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY of your life time is literally showing up now. Take that however you like, but it’s here and it’s your chance to literally change the financial trajectory of your family.

You get to choose your thoughts. You get to let in only the good ones.

You get to and need to guard the entrance of your brain and scrutinize what goes in more than ever before.

You still have a choice.

You still get to decide.

There is still money in the economy – it didn’t dry up.

There are still amazing people in the world – they didn’t disappear.

There are still miracles happening all around you.




The universe has your back and is conspiring the best for you right now.

So, take a deep breath and go out and…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. That was definitely a message I needed to hear, hence written for me by me! But there are somethings that I have down in spades, like getting financially organized. I have a course, now that you are at home, maybe it’s time you seriously organize your finances and join me in the MONEY METHOD!