What You Need to Know For 2018

What you need to know for 2018

Let’s go to Portugal.

Family Christmas Conversations 2017.

Let’s plan it for 2018. You know, while we are all young, healthy & without walkers.

But then it always comes back to the same thing, year after year, over and over.


Like we are our own dream crushers. A bad habit, worse than smoking.

And 99% of the time when we dream crush it always comes back to this one little thing….


(I wish we could blame it on Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris can buy happiness with Money.)

It’s always about LACK of money.

It’s like EVIL money is stopping us from having fun or living our dreams.

Yet, we have the money. I mean if we really looked, made some plans, and put in about 5-minutes of effort (maybe 10) to make this happen we could.

Anyone can.

I wonder if many of us hold a belief that if we spend our money on a trip that we will have NO way of getting that money back (especially if we are retired or not working). ***LIE***

Or I wonder if our belief is that we couldn’t go on a trip AND keep up with our regular bills. I mean you CAN’T do both, can you? And often? ***ANOTHER LIE***

Oh, there is also the belief that one would not want to travel with one’s family for weeks on end and using lack of FUNDS as an excuse not to go… okay, that’s another blog entirely! 🙂

CRAZY! Crazy the thoughts we think. And my family isn’t the only one who can talk ourselves out of a large family dream. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess most families (even the ones that do take crazy big trips) are stuck in scarcity.

It’s easy to spot scarcity.

It usually starts sentences with Bitcoin or Marijuana Stocks. FOMO.

Why are we in such a rush to get rich? Just so we can finally start pursuing our dreams?

Why do we feel we need Bitcoin to be able to live our dreams?

You believe that cryptocurrencies will provide you more than your God-given gifts and abilities? And then we wonder why nothing ever works out in our favor?  (And I’m not saying you can’t make money doing any number of crazy wild things, however, I’m saying look at the REAL reason behind it. Are you hiding?)

HELLO, it’s probably because God called you to be you and you just haven’t stepped acknowledged the beautiful abundance that is within.

This explains why so many “suck it up” in crappy jobs at the expense of their “one-day” dreams.

Let’s be real. Stepping into full abundance is scary and unknown and riffled with even more money blocks that we haven’t uncovered.

Actually, to be fair, we all struggle with the allowance of living a fully abundant life – this isn’t something reserved for the broke.

We struggle….

–> Even when we know we are called to living an abundant life.

–> Even when we know that it is our birthright.

–> Even when we know it’s really the reason why we are here.

This is what you need to know for 2018. 

This is what you need to know when you are planning, scheming, and dreaming your 2018.

Are you ready for this?

I mean, are you really ready for this?

You can go after and create whatever you want to create. I mean WHATEVER you want is possible for YOU.

Not only that, but we also have EVERYTHING we need to make our possibilities a reality.

God gave us that talent. He asked we use it – TO THE FULL!

The reason we never do accomplish our dreams us usually do to one tiny thing.

One measly little MASSIVE HUGE thing.

Crappy, Mean, Negative, Pessimistic Internal Dialogue.

Probably because we always circle back to the past.

Old habits. Old beliefs. Old underwear.

Probably comfy and utterly feckless.

Have you ever thought that the purpose of life is to go after your heart’s true desire?

Whatever that may be?

Show others it can be done?

You know why I love reading about, studying, mentoring under and learning everything I can about super successful people?

Because they showed me that it’s possible for ME!

I want to leave you with this as you go about planning, scheming and dreaming for 2018 and beyond.

I think life is really all about dreaming the impossible and making it possible.

“If the mind can believe, it can achieve.”  – Napoleon Hill

Excuses have to go. They aren’t welcome in 2018.

It must be in alignment & flow with Y-O-U.

Belief must be absolute.

Clarity follows suit.

Fear & Doubt will come along for the ride. The whole way.

But do me a favor,

Take fear and doubt along for the TRIP of their life.

To Portugal.