Stash of Cash

Stash of Cash

Why is it prudent to keep a stash of cash?

Like everything in life, there is a fine balance and a fine art to it.

Having cash on hand is one of them.

You could go crazy and end up like that man who lived in a shack with literally millions of dollar bills hidden in behind his drywall and die a sad, lonely multi-millionaire. That’s one extreme of hoarding cash.

The other extreme is not having any on hand.

But somewhere in the middle there is smart, balanced, well-thought out, coherent plan around keeping a stash of cash at all times.

I wrote this in my book Strut and always encourage every human to have their own stash of cash that no one else knows about.

I’m now reminded of why it’s important to have for various reasons – and let me be clear only 1% of the time – yes, 1% of that reason would be the end of the world or this situation we find ourselves in. 

Timely for this to come out now, while the world seems to be in panic mode, but let me be clear, this pandemic is not the reason I would adopt this habit of keeping a stash of cash around.

First of all, how much?

I would say 2 months of expenses, maybe 3.

If you don’t have this, this should be your first financial goal.

But the real answer is whatever amount makes you feel comfortable.

AND not so much that you are worried if it gets stolen, lost or loses it’s value to inflation!! 🙂

You don’t need your entire emergency fund in cold hard cash, but some of it is a good idea.

Second, you are wondering what for? Why keep cash?

Many reasons from electronic failures/tech glitches, to electricity power failures from storms (or minus 30 and your devices are frozen!), to having something on hand to trade if you required food or goods.

Okay, so maybe that sounds dooms day, but it’s not.

What if you lost your wallet? or it was stolen?

10 business days to a new credit card?

There is common sense in being prepared.

I also had a client that lived in a remote area and no trucks could make it in due to a storm, or another client that lived through a 6-month trucker’s strike leaving an entire city without food or goods for months because of a union!

All good reasons to use the brain God gave you to not live grocery-store-shop-to-grocery-store-shop.

I mean, we think people who live pay-cheque-to-pay-cheque crazy, but what about the above group of people?!

I think nothing wrong with having a few weeks/months supplies of basic needs stored. I also come from a place where snow covers the ground for a majority of the year and food can not be easily found outside on a tree, so there is that bias I have when it comes to storing food. I also understand tight living conditions for most of the world, which also proves my point on keeping some cash on hand.

Again, not saying to store 30-years of food in a bunker somewhere.

The same goes for money as it does food.

But, no one really thinks about the other reasons why having cash or even a proper emergency fund established is important.

I encourage all the people, single or in partnerships to have this stash of cash and not tell your partners.

NOT because you are being dishonest – I mean, you can say to your partner that you each want to have some cash hidden in case of emergency for the family. And that’s fine, but there are other things that can happen.

If you need a hotel for a month or two, your disability income or critical illness payment doesn’t get processed for a few months, or in an extreme case you require to move out – for whatever reason – and need a place to rent and require one months damage deposit plus the first months rent.

Or if someone dies and they lock down the accounts. That’s happened. (And don’t kid yourself that money can be on lock-down if someone passes and tied up for months in court!!)

Or if there is an emergency payment due for something or something breaks down, or like I said before stolen or lost. You’ll even need money to pay the insurance deductible.

You will be grateful for being prepared.

“I’m so mad I saved this money for a rainy day!” – SAID NO ONE EVER!!!

Oh, wait, you know that emergency fund that we financial planners have been preaching about for years – this is it! And this blog is basically the reason why.

I’m sure you can come up with your own reasons that pertain to your specific situation in life.

Don’t get me wrong, having a majority of your emergency fund in a bank collecting interest is great and helps ward off deflation, however, never forget that CASH IS KING.

I’ll say it again.


And I will preach ‘balance’ and using what God has given you for brains and intuition to help direct you in what you should do, but remember part of God’s help is utilizing the big set of common sense brains He gave you.


Because it feels good!

Because it will attract more money to you!

Because walking around with a few hundred dollar bills or a thousand dollars in your wallet always feels good!

Because when you do that you will attract more good feelings, more money to you!

That’s why you keep a hidden stash of cash.

Because it lowers your stress!

Because it allows you options in life!

Because it allows for greater generosity!

Because you can give more of you and your resources when you have more!

Because being financially organized is good for your soul!

Because having clarity creates confidence in your life!

Because that’s how you STRUT your stuff and your life!

Because that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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