Desire: Why You Must Follow It

Desire Why You Must Follow It

There’s a reason we have secret desires written in our hearts and on our souls.

I say secret, because they are secret to everyone around you, and secret to you until you decide to answer your calling, your truest desires.

And the true desires – they are pure.

Truest desire are those that always benefit & lift all humanity and above all fill you up.

Truest desires are NOT when they only prosper and help you. Those desire are still desires, yes, but aren’t the desires that benefit your soul in the long run. They may be good for a party night, but in the long term, selfish desires of that nature will only lead to destruction. That’s the difference.

The ones that really take over everything – they are like every beautiful song ever sung and every best thing in life – LIKE THAT GOOD!

What happens when you don’t follow the blueprint that was imprinted on your soul, your life begins to look like this:

  • petty and mean thoughts increase
  • you find you have a plethora of useless and meaningless relationships in your life
  • you have ill temper or are a pure grouch most of the time
  • destructive emotions take over and lead to ill health
  • discouragement at every turn – and what feels like failure
  • you bear no “fruit” in your life – from the money you were meant to make to the love you were meant to give

That’s a depressing list, but true nonetheless and great sign posts to watch out for if you are wondering why your life isn’t “clicking” they way it should, most likely it’s due to one factor:

You are turning away from your calling, your life’s work.

I’ve been there. I know we all have.

And yes, there are season in our life where we are called to different things, I don’t think this is a “one calling” type of a thing, but there are times when you know your soul is screaming at you to stop this or start that and you don’t listen – that’s the stuff I’m talking about.

“When your energies are constructively directed to a specific end, non-essentials have a way of falling aside.” – Catherine Ponder

Things will never improve in your outer world until things change inside you first because our minds control all our outer experiences.

You are stuck because you haven’t asked for access to get out of your current “frustration” – whatever that may be.

Last week, I talked about asking for help.

Have you even asked the universe to help you uncover your purpose – especially if you don’t know it yet?

Have you asked for help to uncover what your next “big” thing is in your life?

If we live in a sea of energy, abundance of all the resources of the universe at our disposal, then wouldn’t it be petty of us to ask for small things when the universe is able to deliver whatever our minds can see and believe in?

This is the place where most of us are drifting around the harbour.

“Your ships will come in only after you have sent them out.” (Catherine Ponder wrote this and it’s brilliant! Clearly, I’m a big fan!)

You haven’t sent them out.

Or if you have, you expected them back 2 minutes later and they didn’t even have time to fill up with gas.

You get my drift here.

When we are focused on our big why, our big goal and keenly interested in it, loving every moment of the journey, you will find that all the things in your life that weren’t of benefit, like gossip, fall away.


Mostly because you finally have something better to do with your time.

You don’t have time for gossip or petty conversations, you don’t have time for things that suck the life right out of you and you don’t give your time to anything that’s not worthy of your time.

You begin to take control and step away from things that aren’t serving you.

You begin to be okay with being alone.

You begin to really love yourself and the deep knowing of your worth.

You know you were built for this dream, for this life that consumes you in the best of ways.

All the other stuff, it disappears.

Here’s another thought…

Amid the fear and stress of the world, that is when the world needs your gifts, your desire, your dreams even more than ever before.

This is the time, right here, right now to GO ALL IN.

No excuses. No turning back. Burn the ships.

Here’s the other thing about desire and money.

If you aren’t following your desires, your life will be in a constant state of struggle and turmoil!

This goes equally for your money.

Get into your life’s work and the money will flow and it will flow more freely to you!

Money always takes it’s cues from your emotions and energy!

Lisa Elle

FYI… it’s super hard to follow your desires when you are care what other people think.

So, you must get over that first and then a whole world of possibility will open up for you.

Follow your desires.

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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