The Recipe for Wealth

Want to know the recipe for Wealth?


It’s really not a secret, yet most of us think that wealth is just this elusive thing we will never obtain or feel we are not worth.

And you are right, if you feel you aren’t worth it, wealth will run from you.

Self-Worth and Wealth go hand in hand. (Have you ever met a billionaire with low self-esteem?!) You weren’t created to live a ho-hum life. NO, YOU WEREN’T!

You have been given gifts, talents and a purpose. God or the Universe chose you to do something magnificent, be something magnificent and have something magnificent. All the desires of your heart! HE WANTS TO GIVE YOU THAT!

You are here to teach, to heal, to help, to share, to explore, to design, to make people laugh, to open hearts.

YOU have a specific purpose here on earth, and part of that, part of your divine right, your GOD given inheritance is ABUNDANCE and WEALTH!

So why are you sitting there right now stressed about money?

Why are you sitting here reading this thinking it’s not really for you?

Why are you sitting here thinking that you’re not smart enough or feel you don’t deserve it?


AND you are making it much harder than you think!

STEP ONE is to KNOW YOU ARE WORTH IT! That God or the universe created you and that you are worthy of money and wealth! You know deep down all the amazing things you can do with money? Do you know how you could make an impact in your family, your town, your city, your province, your country, your world? Do you know that money can be used for AMAZING things like cures, education, new technology, and you are here to be a BIG part of God’s plan for that? He wants to use you! I know you know that deep down.

So why haven’t you figured out the recipe for Wealth?

It’s simple. My old friend, Earl Nightingale taught me this years ago!

If you have a desire for pie tonight, what do you do?

You walk over to your recipe box, or the internet and look up the recipe for pie.

You then study the recipe. You decide it’s easy to make (if you thought it was too hard to make, then you would quit!)

Then you gather all the ingredients, go to the store if you need to.

Then you assemble the ingredients, follow the steps and allow the magic to happen in the oven.

VOILA! You have pie.

BUT, where did the pie start?

The pie started in your head by the desire to have pie. It was a thought.

Same goes for WEALTH.

The desire to create riches has to start as a thought, then you need to look up the recipe.

Just like pie recipes on the internet, there are thousands, if not millions of ways to build wealth. Sure some pie recipes may taste better than the others, and some wealth recipes may get you there faster, but at the end of the day, no matter which recipe you follow you will get there.

Question for you: Why haven’t you looked up the recipe for wealth yet? What’s holding you back? Is it a limiting money belief?

Do you feel that it’s “bad” to be rich? It’s not.

Do you feel you aren’t worth it? You are.

Do you feel you aren’t smart enough or a good money manager? You will learn as you look up the recipe.

This goes for anything in life. Every time you’ve accomplished something in your life, like getting a job, you looked up the recipe to do so and did it. Wealth is no different. Look it up!

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