Reasons To Be Wealthy

I want to reignite your REASONS TO BE WEALTHY today.

If you have been thinking or occasionally may think:

  • the rich are getting richer
  • the divide is getting wider between rich and poor
  • ‘being rich’ is for rich people and it’s not really for me or
  • money doesn’t buy happiness or
  • I don’t have any money and never will or
  • money doesn’t matter

Then you are right.

You are right because you’ve already made your mind up to be RIGHT about those statements, therefore you will subconsciously find all the reasons that those statements are right and manifesting in your reality as such.

What I understand when people say these things is this:

You have a money block around wealth, large amounts of money and rich people.

(Note: Rich people typically don’t think like that – they may think a lot of things, but usually they are too busy working on growing their wealth to vibrate at the lower levels of complaining or worrying about what others are choosing to do with their money.)

I am very aware of what is happening around me and the world right now.

I see the economy, the numbers and more importantly the real effect on human lives and how this last year has devastated so many people.

And now I will lay out all the possible reasons you may want to reconsider your money mindsets around wealth for 2021 to inspire you to truly be okay with wanting, desiring and GOING AFTER WEALTH!

(Say it with me….. I am a Wealthy Person!)

And it’s serious, and it’s big and it’s transformation.

You will want FREEDOM!

Money brings FREEDOM!


And this isn’t like the old school 2014 freedom where money means you can work from your laptop on a beach, this is a new type of FREEDOM we are finding ourselves losing. (Look around if you think we haven’t lost any of our inherent human rights or freedoms.)

I’m not trying to scare you or have you in a fear mindset – this is about OPTIONS & ACCESS!! (And I feel it’s starting to be a serious thing instead of like “Oh millions of dollars would be nice to have”, I truly think this will be a MUST over the next decades.)

Money brings those things.

Money is going to be the key to your freedom and unfortunately, those who choose (yes, wealth is just a choice!) to not step into their wealth mindset, find creative ways to make money and invest in their ideas or businesses will be left behind and stuck in slavery.

Do you not know by now that when you have no money you are enslaved to yourself?

You have put yourself in bondage and only you can unlock and FREE yourself to create a new life for you.

Let me ask you this…

  • Is money still flowing?
  • Are jobs still around?
  • Are people still buying products and services?
  • Are humans still needing food, clothing and shelter to survive?
  • Do humans want to be treated fair, peaceful & spoiled occasionally with luxury goods & services still?!


That means there is opportunity, and where there is opportunity there is opportunity to be RICH and WEALTHY.

And that is ONLY defined by you, but I do want you to 10x your money mindset game in your head.

Exand it.

Stretch it.

Go for the bigger dreams and money goals.

Right now it is the most important time in history to have money because think of all the good you can do with it.

  • You can invest in & use luxury goods and services! (If you are being honest with yourself, you totally want that!)
  • You can invest in and support start-up and small business.
  • You can help a family member who is ill and can’t work.
  • You can buy food and supplies for hundreds of people.
  • You can buy land and cultivate healthy foods and options.
  • You can be part of the solution to cleaner energy.
  • You can create and help support education in all its forms.
  • You can invest in cures for illnesses and help with irradiating disease from the planet.
  • You can decorate, design and build beautiful buildings or spaces, renovate buildings and create art for them so people can be surrounded by beauty.
  • You can create gorgeous gardens and flower arrangements.
  • You can buy, wear or design luxury fabrics for clothes or linens that are beautifully designed and shoes that are sexy that don’t hurt when you wear them (lol)

(Please tell me something in that list was able to light you up!)

You can only do this if you are wealthy!

Did you hear me?


Things that were common place are now shifting and we are bringing down so many out-dated systems and that’s what makes this an exciting time in history, because now there is….


and there really is no better time in history to create wealth – for you, for your family, for your community.

You want to be a wealthy, but you have to get over your money blocks and your not-so-helpful stigmas and thoughts about money, wealth & rich people.

Don’t go about hating rich people when deep down you may want to be one.

That will not allow you to become rich.

Okay, so there are a million money mindset layers we need to peel back and dispose before we can really get to the next level financially, and we do know its a life journey and there is always another level to up-level to.

But if all you do is slowly, one-by-one take away unhelpful money thoughts and in their place put helpful wealth building thoughts you will slowly begin to see your reality change for the better.

Money is just energy.

You are in control of harnessing and utilizing that energy to create something magnificent in your lifetime.

Are you doing that?

Are you?

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa