Misplaced Hope

I remember the first time that I heard the idea that HOPING was a potential problem in my life.

I remember being flabbergasted.

“What do you mean HOPING is maybe not the best thing to be focused on?”

HOPE, after all, is a MASSIVE fundamental belief that I hold and know we as humans need to have to survive!

But hoping holds just a slightly different energy and tone than hope. Join me down this rabbit hole for a minute… (and this post isn’t about money at all, but like all of my writing, it’s TOTALLY about money {(because money is just energy} and how you shouldn’t put your hope in MONEY, yet you can harness the energy of money to use in abundance for your highest good! So, yes, in a roundabout way, this post is totally about your relationship with money.)

Many of us are in a world where we are HOPING things turn out better – whatever the arena of our lives where we are found HOPING.

HOPING can become a negative emotion or feeling by eventually creating a negative thought process and then leading to results that are far from what we are actually intending to create or what we actually desire.

HOPING is usually waiting and wanting something out of your control to come true.

Hoping puts the “hope” in the external environment – outside of yourself.

Examples are:

  • I’m hoping to win the lottery.
  • I’m hoping to get better.
  • I’m hoping that life will turn around.
  • Here’s hoping for a better outcome in the next election
  • Hoping the next job works out in our favor
  • Hoping for a better relationship

That is HOPING.

It’s a useless action word, because in reality, there are more positive “action” steps you can take than to sit around “hoping” all day long that things will get better.

There are alternative action steps you can be doing like calling, planning, creating, singing, dancing, writing, walking, etc. instead of hoping.

HOPE, although essentially the same word as hoping, is different.

HOPE is where you place your trust.

Where hoping is an action word, HOPE is something that JUST IS.

HOPE is MORE POWERFUL than hoping.


The good HOPE is trust and a deep spiritual knowing that everything is working towards your highest good.

The problem right now is that we have misplaced hope happening!

And misplaced hope is dangerous.

People have put their hope in all the wrong things.

Not because these things are bad (sure there is good and bad in everything and every system, community, idea, relationship, etc.), but because they are not how we were ultimately designed as human beings.

We were designed to look inward (and upward) for HOPE.

What’s happened is that we’ve somewhere somehow decided that placing our hope in other people and systems will lead us to happiness or the reaching of our goals.

And, trust me, as I’ve written before, we – the people – want nothing more than instruction manuals on what to do next, how to do and when and where to do it.

Thinking is hard work.

No, really – it’s hard to think.

It’s so much easier to have someone else think for you and then just follow that person!

Here’s what’s harder.

Being quiet.

Quieting your mind.

Sitting in silence and tuning into your higher self.


It takes practice & patience!

The world is shifting at a rapid pace.

Oudated and old systems are crumbling right before our very eyes.

Good things are on their way to us!

If you want this journey to feel better for you (I’m not saying easier, but I am saying more peaceful!), I encourage you to re-examine what “things” you have placed your hope in.

  • Politics or Political Part
  • Our Government
  • Our Health Care System
  • Our Education System
  • Our Financial System
  • The Stock Market
  • Our Media or News Channels
  • Groups/Communities
  • Your Employer
  • Your Credentials or Education
  • Your Religion or Church Systems
  • Big Corporations
  • Your Family
  • Your Partner
  • Your Kids
  • Your Lover
  • Your Health
  • Your Body
  • Your Past

This is the point.

There are A LOT of things we can put our HOPE in, and I feel we are being called to re-evaluate things we’ve placed our HOPE in for so long – even if it wasn’t intentional – even if that’s just the “way it’s always been”.

The list of these things above – they are all forms of idols we have in our lives. They are all important, but placing your hope in any of them exclusively will result in you being disappointed and let down.

We are not perfect people and because of that – all of our systems are not perfect.

I feel – and this is a message and constant theme while we are explorers on planet earth – that we are called to tune into God, the universe or whatever you believe has your best desires at heart.

In that silence, that is where your magic happens.

When your HOPE is placed in that within you (or above you) and that alone that’s when you discover you don’t need to be “hoping” and you don’t need to place your hope in anything outside of yourself.


This is the greatest gift because now you are set FREE.

Now you have total PEACE about ALL THE THINGS!

You don’t have to worry about what is happening out there because you have HOPE that the UNIVERSE has your BACK!

You have HOPE that all things are working towards your highest good.

This is the HOPE you want to have.

AND yes, we need HOPE.

We just have to make sure our HOPE is in the right things and not on the external.

We are creators who create from within, so doesn’t it just make sense that THAT is where our HOPE should be and not with the things outside of us and outside of our control?

The thing you place your HOPE in will control you (and mostly through fear) unless they are the RIGHT things.

Placing your HOPE in things above WILL bring you such beautiful PEACE and a CALM to your life – if you haven’t experienced that yet, I encourage you to get to that place of quiet to listen in and not be scared of what you will find.

I guarantee you it will be beautiful and mind blowing….

And I most definitely know that when you place your HOPE in the right things, your life will BLOSSOM and…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa