Outsourcing Toward Your Big Vision

Outsourcing Toward Your Big Vision

Hiding won’t help you.

It never could.

You will destroy your life and combust YOU from the inside out when you hide from your purpose work and talents.

There’s a special set of gifts you’ve been given, usually not just one gift but many, that is a unique and special combination to only you.

And these gifts were meant to SHINE in BIG WAYS.

I was noticing this in my team this week and how special all their gifts are and how different we all are. It’s really incredible.

Seriously, my right arm has been cut off as my assistant is away visiting her new grandbaby!

Yesterday, I did her job and my job and was reminded why I hired her in the first place –

So I can spend more time on the things that I love and the things that are my gifts.

The trick though is that we are all GOOD at a lot of stuff.

But there are some things we are GREAT at.

I am very very very good at organizing and paperwork.

But it’s not what I’m great at AND it’s not what my soul jumps up and down wanting to do.

I do it because I need to, not because I want to.

I get that we can’t all outsource all the yucky tasks we must do in life, but we sure can outsource some of them.

It’s when you really start evaluating what it is you want to fill your days up with, you realize lots of it needs to be outsourced.

And you are already doing this more than you know you are.

You are a queen of outsourcing.

Like for example, I know you can make a bar of soap, but usually we outsource that to the soap professionals and buy their soap.

See. You just outsourced your soap.

There are lots of things you can outsource in your life that probably won’t cost you as much as you think, but will increase your enjoyment of life TENFOLD.

What if you absolutely DESPISE and hate cutting your lawn or washing your floors.

Don’t you think that the $20 bucks paid to the neighbour kids is well worth the investment, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your week-end?

Same with your home, usually it’s a cost well worth it!

But sometimes, we have to look at things with a bigger price tag and really step out of our comfort zone when it comes to outsourcing.

When we are growing our businesses, we usually don’t see the benefits right away when we hire someone.

One of my business mentors said that every employee should at minimum contribute to 3 times their salary.

If you were paying someone $50,000 per year, then they should contribute to at least $150,000 of value over time.

The other trick is that they probably won’t be of much value for the first 3 – 6 months, maybe longer.

In that case, you aren’t seeing the return on your money for a while, and that’s where it hurts for most of us entrepreneurs and we don’t like to take risks on employees without them planning on sticking around for a few years or longer.

(Side note: That’s where creating amazing training systems is helpful and you get your employees to create them as they go for the next person!)

But this is where outsourcing is so important.

BECAUSE this is the TRUTH:


Sure you can lose weight, find love, get healthy on your own.

(Even a baby you can’t make on your own! HA HA! But you could outsource that too! LOL)

But you want to create an impact?

You want to be seen, heard and share your message with lots of people?

You want to make a million dollars a year or more?

It will involve a TEAM OF HELP in some way, shape or form.

And that all starts with hiring people, training them, leading them and getting really good at that cycle – as it will repeat.

So this means, we can’t hide.

If your dreams are BIG and I know they are – it will involve other people in your life.

And it will mean that you will have to step into a leadership role and a management role at some point (note these are different things – as one of my coaches pointed out to me!)

There’s really magic in taking the leap into outsourcing.

Hiring someone.

Building a team.

Taking the chance on people and

Taking a chance that your dreams and vision may be brought into life.

It’s totally worth it and totally scary.

Think about the TRAPEZE artist who must FULLY LET GO of the safe bar she’s holding onto to grab onto something great, but in between there’s nothing to hold onto!

That’s the space you will have to jump into – the space where there’s nothing to hold onto – before you can make magic happen!

I remember 9.5 years ago when I hired my first employee ever.

My nanny.

Being responsible for someone’s full-time salary, smaller as it may be, was terrifying!

And every month I was never quite sure where exactly the money would come from.

Now payroll is larger, a few more bodies, and it’s still a fear that rears it’s ugly head with thoughts like, “Well, if I had to lay everyone off I’d be okay.”


No, I would not be okay.

Life is not about shrinking.

Life was meant to expand.

Expanding and growing and pushing yourself right out of your comfort zone is like breathing – MANDATORY.

Shrinking does nothing.

Hiding does nothing.

You can’t hide from this.

Go out and OUTSOURCE.

It helps others and above all, most definitely helps YOU!

On another note, when it comes to your financial life, you don’t want to outsource being the CEO of your TOTAL money picture, but there are many things you can outsource to help you:

  • bookkeeping
  • filing tax returns
  • investment or pension portfolio managers
  • insurance agents to help find the best rate
  • hiring admin to help pay the bills
  • mortgage broker to help find the best rate for your mortgage
  • etc.

When you put your money – cold hard money – and invest in others, I’m sure your return will be WELL WORTH IT in the long run! (Trust me, like investing in the stock market, investing in people is also a skill you must learn and many times you learn the hard way. Don’t give up when you make a bad hire!)

Hey, it’s the new roaring 20’s: DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is out and DFY (Done-For-You) is in!

It’s just taking that first step toward your BIG VISION.

It’s a worthy vision and worthy of the risk.

Take it!


Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

PS. If you need help clarifying your financial picture, or simply need a Done-For-You service for investments, insurance, taxes or otherwise, make sure to book at complimentary 15-minute discovery call now!