Your Most Important Relationship

Your Most Important Relationship

It’s not with your partner, your friends, your family.

There is no pecking order here.

They all fall below this very pivotal relationship.

Your relationship with you.

Of course, I wanted to write that your most important relationship is with MONEY – and really it is.

I mean seriously, money being what it really is – only a vibration you are a match for.

And that’s only because the relationship you have with MONEY is a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. #youcanquotemeonthat

Money comes from within because it is first created in the mind with definite of purpose and then brought into your reality. (Napoleon Hill anyone?!)

Money, You…. it’s all the same. (I know you are going to hate me for that one… )

Truth be told, the relationships you have with other people – any other person – is also a direct reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. (SIDE STEP SMACK DOWN: for anyone who’s having a hate-on for anyone right now… clear that schtuff up with yourself – you are only holding yourself back…)

And, I know it’s hard.

Hard for us to face the facts (and down right scary!) that we are the attractors of our entire lives.

And totally hard for us to realize that our relationship with ourselves is really the most important relationship of all.

It’s hard because the world sings a different story when it comes to determining who your most important relationships are.

It has to.

It’s job is to make you believe it’s better for the whole than it is for the individual.

But, you know deep down that’s not true.

It can’t be.

You are getting told 100 different things and being pulled in a 100 different directions – it’s a miracle you still have your arms attached to your body!

You will never change the world, make a difference, help others, do all the ‘good deeds’ you dream of doing without taking care of the relationship with yourself first (or I’d even just leave it at your relationship with your mind!)

And the opposite is preached about by society, church groups and politics, obviously.

We are told never to be selfish.

We’ve received the message – loud and clear.

Put others first.

Being selfish is a bad.

Women do this masterfully.

I mean, has there ever been a more powerful propaganda to ever work than to convince women (& men) that their sole job is to take care of other people.

Always putting others first.

But this mindset will NEVER get you the desired results you want.

I’m not at all saying that helping others is bad.

Obviously, we need to otherwise humanity would not have survived, but more importantly, it’s the point of the story here:

To be able to make the biggest impact you want to make you NEED to get your head game, body game, thoughts game, feelings game ALL WORKING TOGETHER on the same page.

You need to get in alignment.

It all needs to be in flow.

It all needs to be put first before anything else can.

If the body is aching and requires a massage – then it needs a massage.

If the brain requires stimulation, a break, self-care – whatever it requires – then it needs that to keep the “whole person” you are in check.

Think about the guilt we’ve endured only because we listen to the tales and actually end up believing that we aren’t as important as everybody else.

I’m saying that we’ve been so trained to think that even doing one thing for ourselves is selfish, leaving us with like 40 Hail-Mary’s to do just because we want to go out and do something for ourselves for 5 minutes.

The guilt.

But again, I know we (as collective women & men) are slowly moving past this.

Or at least we are aware of this…

They say we are out for ourselves and that we are the most selfish generation of all time.

And to that I reply….

Isn’t in someway being able to be selfish (and make our choice like we can in this day & age) one of the things we as humanity has long fought for.

Wasn’t that the goal of our ancestors? Wasn’t that the goal of some of these wars?

So we can be free? Free to think, free to go about living our dreams?

And yet, we stay trapped, confined – held prisoner – by the thoughts that have us believe we aren’t worthy of greatness or the lies that we can’t make a difference, that our voice, our work, doesn’t matter.

And we fought against our innate desire to fulfill ourselves first.

Gave up.

And then ultimately became drifters in a half-assed life.

Resistance will be the biggest hold the ‘devil’ ever has on you.

Resistance from doing what you know you need to do, for what your soul is calling out, begging for – which could be anything from living your lifestyle to sharing your art to going after a long lost dream.

The bottom line is this: You need to NURTURE and LOVE yourself.

Because that’s the most important relationship to you.

Make it everything you want it to be.

Cause when you do, you automatically….

Live Your Legacy.

xx L

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