Burning Desire

Burning Desire

You still don’t have it do you?

Burning Desire.

Okay, so maybe every once in a while you get a burning desire for something.

(Obviously, I’m referring to chocolate!)

I mean, sure every once in a while you get these moments filled with passion and a deep-burning desire — for chocolate.

But, that’s really not the burning desire I’m talking about.

It’s about the burning desire you do lip service to (and even then, most don’t) but you’re not really feeling deep down.

Maybe it feels fake or pushed or not in flow.

I will be the first to say that it’s hard to find your burning desire for the great things in this life that you know you were called to do, but to do them means hard work and facing your fears.

This is where you have to dig deep.

I was totally confronted with this message this week.

I literally got the whole “burning desire” message from like 4 different sources this week that my burning desire is not really burning at the moment. (So, clearly, the universe is practically banging me on the head with it!)

And what I have – you’d hardly desire.

Sometimes life is MEH. (And that’s okay btw to have those seasons!)

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I haven’t quit – one foot in front of the other and sure, yes, I’m doing all the things I love and absolutely do love my life, but that “burn all your boats” part has been missing.

You know, when there’s no turning back.

Not that you at all need to “burn all your boats”, but it’s like that deep connection with the work I’m doing is missing.

And to be more on point, I think it has to do with the fact that, (and I’ve preached this more than once…) my guide, my angel, my higher-self, my captain, my subconscious, inner-soul – whatever you want to call her, but I call her – CLARITY – was missing.

Or rather, I just tuned her out.

Even more so, I know I’m not the only one.

I look at humanity, in general, and know I’m not the only one who’s tuning out my higher purpose most of the time.

“Da-da-da, I can’t hear you.”

Okay, so I also know I could have coffee with you right now and you’d probably agree with me that you aren’t really doing the thing you were meant to do – and if you are, you’re not showing up in a BIG SOULFUL way.

Obviously, we are tuning out from ourselves and tuning into what the crowd is doing. (I’m referring that the crowd is what our Partners, Kids, Family, Work etc. is doing to push us along into their tangled webs of their ‘stuff’, leading us away from our ‘stuff’!)

I mean, I’m so queen of this. I tune out often. I’ll admit it.

Sure, there’s a balance and time of rest and rejuvenation needed, but I also know when I get that nudge that I can be doing something more useful with my time.

And I know why “we”, in general terms, don’t go after the BIG stuff we know we can achieve.

And I would say that it’s because we are too damn comfortable with our lives.

I was telling my biz-bestie yesterday that my life is cush…

Super Cushy.

I mean, I have;

  • food – a life time supply of chocolate at my disposal at the gas station a few minutes from home (what more could one want in life?!)
  • big-screen TVs – more than 5 in my home – LIKE an embarrassing amount…..
  • a nice warm car
  • a beautiful bed and chair to write on
  • comfy nice home (& office!)
  • a fireplace
  • fluffy slippers
  • 8-year old Lulu’s (still in amazing shape – they just don’t make them like the used to!)
  • a big family
  • the best friends a girl could ask for
  • the best support people…
  • WAIT….I forgot my SHOES!

So, then again, I ask – what is all the striving for?

I mean, I literally have it all – right down to the old style Lulu’s!

Why then do we need to find a burning desire to do anything in life?

I mean, get a job, work, watch TV, few holidays, volunteer once in a while, wine night with friends and VOILA – you have a great life.

But if you are anything like me, there is something still screaming at you that wants out.

It’s your art.

It’s creating something bigger than yourself.

It’s the real reason you were put here on earth.

It’s the tiny candle-lit-flame deep down that hasn’t had a chance yet to turn into the burning wildfire of your soul.

You’ve kept it down.

You’ve kept it small for so long.

Only once in a while did you show your tiny tealight candle to someone and they saw your light, but then you hid it away again.

Life got in the way.

Life gets in the way.

It will again.

It will always.

It will until you finally decide that your WILDFIRE is more important than everyone else’s temporary 3-hour log fires. (My mom used to buy those! Cute!)

But you have to choose that for yourself.

No one else can.

No one else can put you first.

You have to be the cheerleader of your own fire.

It’s your job to turn your tealight into your WILDFIRE of burning desire.

Oh, and the other thing…

You have to have a singular purpose.

This is by far the greatest thing I have faced.


What is your one purpose?

What is your one burning desire?

You can’t have 2.

Well, you can, but they are both going to be half-assed.

50% to be sure or 90/10 but either way it’s not 100% effort.

You must focus in and find that one burning desire and then from there all the rest will fall into place.

Like the book “The One Thing”, what’s the one thing you need to focus on that will knock down all the other dominoes in your path?

This is what Napoleon Hill meant by his burning desire.

When you don’t have a burning desire for anything, you are caught in drifter land.

You are a drifter.

You are a pawn in life.

You let life happen to you.

You let your mind happen to you.

Stop drifting.

Start thinking thoughts on purpose.

Being a drifter won’t serve you.

Be intentional.

Start fanning your flames.

Be the person who creates the light –

Heck, be the person that creates the smoke and shakes things up!

Be the force you were meant to be in the world.

Don’t stay in your comfy life.

I mean, sure, 99% of people will.

They will keep doing what other’s say they should.

They will keep listening to the other sheep.

They will stay with the herd.

That’s the 99% of people.

But you.

You are the 1%.

You came here to be the 1%.

So be it!

And when you do, when you find that burning desire –

burn up the path behind you –

there’s no going back!

You get to do what so many people don’t do.

You get to……

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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