Money Mastery

Money Mastery by Lisa Elle

There’s something to be said about Mastery.

I think mastery is so easily passed upon in society today and isn’t it funny – when you think of people who’ve mastered something, they aren’t famous for a bunch of things – especially early on in their careers.

Usually, famous people are known for one thing.

That is the thing they have mastered.

For me, I want to master my business.

I want to be the best in my business.

I want to have the best customer service in my business.

Can you relate to something you want to master in your life?

When it comes to money, I think it’s important that we work on mastering a few key things with our money.

I’m sure we all having mastering spending down pat!

This is what mastering is to me:

Doing something to the best of your ability for the time you have invested in it.

Note how I wrote in ‘for the time you have invested in it’ because there is the element of time that is at play when we talk about mastery – although the element of time, be it long or short, is always up to you.

Here’s the other thing to consider:

The mark of mastery is only defined by yourself according to your desired outcome.

Meaning: you choose what you master, when you master it, and how you feel about it.

No one else needs to “tell you” if you’ve mastered something or not.

There is no judgement call to make here except your own.

Your level of mastery in any particular area is entirely up to you.

The problem is that we keep putting ourselves into the category of inadequacy.

The thing is this: who is the judge?

You keep outsourcing “the judge” of your life to the wrong people.

Your boss, your partner, your friends, society, your in-laws, your parents, family, co-workers, etc.

Stop outsourcing who “the judge” of your life is!

You are the judge, you are the jury.

You are the master.

And now I want to say

{insert deep evil voice and laugh now}


Here are some areas of money that may interest you to master:

  • mastering and growing your cash flow
  • mastering your investment knowledge
  • mastering knowing what your net worth is & growing it
  • mastering marketing and sales efforts to grow your revenue streams
  • mastering different types of income streams
  • mastering real estate and property cash flow

And I could go on and on, but here’s the thing – there’s probably one area of money that interests you and you may want to master.

Then choose that area and be a master of it.


Do the thing that interests you the most.

Don’t do the thing that makes you want to claw your eyes out.

Where you have natural curiosity is usually the path you should follow.

So, when it comes to mastering your money, choose the thing that lights you up and you may just stick with it long enough to master it!

You probably won’t be a master in all areas of life – and why would you want to be?

Too much.

It’s too exhausting!

Get rid of the things that suck the energy right out of you, and this includes ridiculous money rituals that aren’t serving you!

For me, that was budgeting.

OMG – did she really just say that?!?!

Yes, I did.

I had to find my own way of doing things that filled me up and made me enjoy my money more.

I found my own way of budgeting.

I call it allocating – and it puts the FUN in my FUNds.

Okay, cheesy – I know.

I think you get what I’m putting down without me writing any more hilarious puns!

Find the “thing” you want to master.

Learn all you can about it.

Have fun with it.

Mastering your money is definitely one way to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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