Money Judgment

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It’s running rampant.

Especially around the purse you bought, or the new car, or the new shoes, or the trip you are taking or the vitamins you buy or the coach you invest with.

Okay, so this isn’t a new thing.

Holy MacDoodle People. You should hear that judgment come flying out of the ol’ pie hole. (Why do they call it a pie hole? Hmmm.)

“Don’t buy that.”

“You don’t have money for that.”

“What a waste of money that was.”

“Why are you investing in that?”


They always throw their own insecurities upon our dreams, desires, fancy “stuff” that we want, but they wouldn’t “waste” their money on.

Okay, we all project. So it’s not just “them”, it’s usually “us” too.

Judgy McJudgy.

Then what happens?

Someone’s comments on your own life puts you in a funk, makes you sad, makes you feel like a failure, starts a fight. Which is crazy by the way that we actually let this happen! Especially from the people closest to us, which seem to be the most critical on our lives.

Giving our power away to the people who we’ve allowed to speak into our lives, but then, instead of taking OPA (other people’s advice) we end up letting their words rush over us like a blanket of shame. Come on! I know all you people pleaser’s out there know exactly what I’m talking about.

How does anyone on this planet know what’s best for you?

Last I checked you were the authority on YOU. The only person qualified to give you advice is Y-O-U.

Here’s the thing with anyone’s two cents on our lives.

You take it and then you release it. You take what you want from what they said and release the rest.

The rest isn’t for you.

The rest is for them to work on.

Again, that’s what they are projecting and probably something they need to deal with. Just recognize that it is their issue and move on.

Their money issues. Their money lessons. Their problems.

You are ALLOWED to buy whatever you want with your own money.
You are an adult.
You live in a FREE country.
So this enables you to buy whatever you want, however, you want to buy it, and whenever you want to buy it.

The person who comments on your business – disregard. Good or bad.

Does their opinion really mean anything? Is it a fact? Are they really someone who has been there before you and is mentoring you or just noise? This is when you have to tune in and have your soul decipher. No one else can do this for you.

Sometime you will be wrong and sometimes you will be right – but if you are really listening to your own soul, your own gut – then you will be right most of the time.

I’ve had people project onto me many times in my life. I’m sure we all have. I only write about it now because seriously I want my clients, friends, and family to know that they don’t need to ask anyone else for permission to spend their money. (You’d be surprised how many clients ask me if it’s okay for them to withdraw their OWN money! I am probably the “worst” financial advisor because I always encourage it. I will always encourage my clients to invest in themselves FIRST!)

I know, this goes back to that “Guidebook to Living Your Best Life” that we all so desperately want to read so we don’t have to make decisions because we are still experiencing decision fatigue and we genuinely just want someone to make decisions for us and keep us in line.

We’ve been trained to follow the leader, the teacher, the principle, the law. We are such damn good followers.

And it helps us keep our thinking to a minimum. I will be the first to say that thinking is hard, it’s like going to the gym. Who really wakes up and says, “I can’t wait to THINK today?”

I’d rather have my life on autopilot until I can get to the FUN part! (I think for most of us, that is spelled W-E-E-K-E-N-D!)

But what if life lived by following your heart, true alignment with your purpose, and essentially not following other people’s rules for your life was the way to make your decisions. What if you could stand in your power, stand in your own personal truth and make the decisions that were only for you and you didn’t care what other people thought of them?

What would your life look like if you could live in a way where you allowed yourself to do what you need to do with your money, without the peanut gallery (husbands, boyfriends, kids, parents, siblings, teachers, grandparents, friends, business partners, employees, employers, etc.) throwing in their two cents?

Where would you be right now?
If you spent your money the way you really wanted to spend it right now could you make that happen for you?

And if you are the person throwing out the money judgment, then maybe it’s time for a money judgment detox.

No judgment here.



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