Getting It Right In 2021!

I want to leave you with some words that have been spoken many times and in many ways regarding to money:

Fortune favors the prepared.

Fortune favors the bold.

Fortune favors the courageous.

Fortune favors the brave.

Fortune favors the strong.

So, here’s the thing:

Where are you in regards to taking those daring leaps with your money towards your goals?

Are you STRETCHING & CHALLENGING youself to earn more, save more, invest more, keep more, spend more?

Yes, you read that correctly, I did write “SPEND MORE”!

There are so many ways we live a small life and don’t really take that leap and step out in faith for the things we desire most.

And don’t think that I’m not practicing what I’m preaching.

Here’s a few ways I’ve stepped out in my own life in total faith, because at this point, I’m stepping out to grow my business and praying the money will appear to help us reach our goal as a company.

I’m hiring people to help me build my great vision.

I’m increasing my monthly contributions to investment accounts.

I’m planning events and trips and things that I don’t even know if they will pan out with the state of the globe..

But I’m doing this all in faith.

I realize, the worst case scenario in many areas is that my pride, my ego will get hurt or my bank account will suffer dramatically, but is that not worth taking the risk?!

What area of your life do you want to GET RIGHT in 2021?

What part of you life has been stagnant?

What part of your life have you not even begun to dream big in?

I’m excited!

I know one thing and that is that this year, I am making plans to keep my big dreams before me, even though they seem COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS at this moment, I’m trusting that this will be the year that me and my team make things happen.

I’m excited for us.

I’m excited for you and your goals too!


Because who better to accomplish their dreams than you?!

You are the perfect person to accomplish the desires that you have!


So what are you waiting for?!

Get it down on paper, meditate, journal, do walking meditations like I do, or just speak the words outloud to life.

This is your chance.

Turn off the outside noise.

Yes, I’m aware of a riot happening in the White House, but it doesn’t matter as much as my dreams!

I matter more.

I am more worthy of accomplishing my dreams than watching hours of news casts over something that is totally out of my control and which will truly add nothing to my life (but it will take away time, energy and brain cells…. and create worry and fear.)

You matter more.

You are worthy of all the dreams you have.

Don’t play at the level of others.

Elevate yourself, your thoughts, your tone, your vibration to that of your goals and dreams.

Hold it there.

Don’t sink back down into the muck of the world.

It’s just going to ruin your Kate Spade Outfit and mess up those Jimmy Choo’s!

Not worth it.

You are worth it.

Make your plans to get right with 2021

and baby….

You’re gonna..

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa