Life Is Calling…..

Life Is Calling Blog

If I’m honest with you, I’m sitting here this morning with total fear.

‘What ifs’ have got me by the short & curlies. (Can a lady even say that?!?! LOL)

Life is calling me.

And sometimes I hang up on it. I don’t return its emails. And even, heaven forbid, sometimes, I don’t even text back. (GASP!)

I actually got like 6 different downloads pouring out of me this morning (I’m tuned in & dialed in this morning!), but the one I’m choosing is the one I need to hear. (I’ll write the rest this week for you!)

This is the one I’m struggling with.

And no doubt, 99% of the planet…

Living Life to THE FULL.

I’m still not allowing it all in.

You’re still not allowing it all in.

Not allowing yourself to live life to the full….

This means that you have a main block in one of three areas: HEALTH, WEALTH, or LOVE

And here’s the truth…

If you have a blockage in one area, you have a blockage in ALL areas because they are all connected.

They say you can’t have it all – but that’s not a belief I choose to hold. (Don’t forget you get to pick and choose the beliefs you hold!)

To my core, to every last cell in my body, I do believe that I CAN HAVE IT ALL!

The HEALTH of my dreams.

The WEALTH of my dreams.

The RELATIONSHIPS of my dreams (dream friends, dream clients, family, love – it all.)

Where are you DAMNED up?

Seriously, if your life, your blood, your breath moves like a powerful RIVER within you, then where is the damn-dam?

It’s stuck somewhere within.

You know this on a deep level.

Sure, life may seem good.

And it is! No doubt!

However, why is it not GREAT?!

Why haven’t you stepped into your power?

(We talked about this Friday Night on my Facebook Live – you can look it up on my Facebook page…. it did include a GT!)

Then you know that power has to come from within, it’s not something that is external. It’s not something that you can go looking for outside of you, or something you can ever force or force upon another person.

Power must and always comes from within.

When you are dammed up, stuck, stagnant in life, you know that you are certainly not in your power, and you are certainly not living life to the FULL (which by the way is something every one of us is called to!)

We are called to live in total HEALTH, ABUNDANCE & LOVE!

But we can’t have the healthy body, the money, or the love we desire if we don’t allow FLOW in our life.

See what I said there? “ALLOW”

Meaning, it’s already there, it’s just something we need to “LET IN”!

We need to give ourselves PERMISSION.

I think I read Brené Brown would write herself PERMISSION slips to be able to allow her to do great things.

I think it’s the same for most of us.

We are still waiting for some magic fairy, or magic partner, or God outside us to give us permission to be GREAT, to allow perfect FLOW in our lives and to use our power within, and how crazy is that?

God is within us. Meaning all the power is within us, and that you already have all the power, strength, knowledge, tools WITHIN you to live the GREAT LIFE.

So, we live GOOD lives. We established that. Most of us do live a very good life.

But it’s not GREAT.

Good is comfortable.

I was telling a friend how freakin’ comfortable my life is.

And it is….

I have manifested the current life I live – no doubt.

I am a powerful manifestor. (HINT: SO ARE YOU!)

I manifested this life before I was 30. And had everything I ever wanted by 30.

(Read my book STRUT if you want to know more about that!)

But here’s the thing, as it is with goals & life, don’t you really want to live out this life with no regrets and make it GREAT?

There will always be the next level.

Next level HEALTH

Next level WEALTH

Next level LOVE


(and for LOVE, I’m talking all your relationships, in case you are curious.. I’m talking about taking all your relationships to that next level of love!)

I’m one of those people who had a big goal and accomplished it.

Actually, I’ve done that a few times.

It’s an amazing high, and then, you typically crash after… I did.

I’ve crashed a lot after reaching goals. I crashed around 33. I crashed after my book launched. I crashed after I launched my company. I always seem to crash after running the half-marathons (Literally!) I probably crashed after every time I completed more letters behind my name. I crash often.

(Especially after losing 5 pounds, I totally reward myself with a new 5 pounds! HA!)

The only reason I crash is because I didn’t believe that I could HAVE IT ALL back then, and when you accomplish something great, it typically disappears or leaves you if you haven’t created the belief system around it to hold the space for your great accomplishments. It’s self sabotage at its best.

So, this is what I want to leave you with today…

Life is CALLING YOU to be GREAT and to LIVE to the FULL. (I’m pretty sure even Jesus says this a few times!)

Do you believe that you can live life to the full and have total HEALTH, WEALTH & LOVE in your life?

What if you let go? What if you allowed the dam to break? What if you stopped holding on so tight?

What if you actually believed that you were allowed to have it all?

After all,


Live YOUR Legacy!!



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