The BEST Lessons of My 30’s

I write about all the things my soul is curious to.

After all, are we not all here to test the curiosity of our souls?

This is my second last day of my 30’s.

Yes, I’m turning 40 in a few hours.

I can clearly define this decade as one of growth.

The thing about growth is that while most of us do it kicking and screaming there really are some big gems hidden in growth – ALWAYS.

I feel it’s our job to find them, learn the lesson and move on.

Obviously, there are many that don’t see life that way and are handed the same lessons on repeat – until the day that they just choose to know they are done with that lesson.

It is a choice.

Big lesson #1 I learned this decade in a deeper way: Everything is a choice. My life is made up of my choices.

More than absolutely anything, this decade has been magical for me because I can honestly say that I was able to unleash my soul to set out and do what I was put here to do.

Although still in the early stages, I feel I’m well prepared for my 40’s and on that note, pray it’s a much better decade. (Yes, like all humans, I want to still take the easy way out and desperately want life to flow with ease! #newbelief )

30’s, like my 20’s and like my teenage years, was exhausting and I don’t think I’d want to relive it for the most part.

Isn’t that the best part about our past – that we can choose to leave it there!

The problem being that most of us don’t do that.

Here’s a multiple choice question for you.

Where do you want to be spending most of your time with your thoughts?

a) dwell on how bad the past was

b) dwell on how great the good ol’days were

c) dwell on how bad the future looks

d) dwell on how amazing the future looks

I think D might have been the right answer – if there even is a right answer, which I don’t think there is.

However, I think in someways, I pulled a con on you by not offering you the real answer, which you know wasn’t an option in the question. (It’s like university all over again!)

The other answer and probably most correct answer is E.

e) dwell in the now.

Why? Because we are here, we are here now and always are technically dwelling in the now, not in the future or the past.

This will be the single greatest lesson of my 30’s.

Your past is made up and your future is made up.

Technically speaking, when you talk of your past you are referring to something that no human can go back and confirm.

Same for your future, no human can confirm that you will have a wonderful or miserable future.

It’s all hearsay.

I learned this in depth – you know – the moment when your soul “really” gets it in 2014. I mean, really, really, really gets it on a quantum physics level and you are forever transformed in all your thoughts and thinking.

The other thing I will gladly take from my 30’s is that it’s my life and my stage. Anyone I don’t want on my stage, I can kick off.

This stage is not a physical stage, it’s more the stage of my brain, my thought stage.

Who I am letting into my thoughts and who I do not want taking up any more time in my thoughts.

Powerful when you know that the worst thing that can ever happen to you is a feeling. Another great lesson I learned this decade. Could someone have told me this as a teenager? Seriously.

The power of the law of attraction never ceases to amaze me.

It’s been a guiding principle in many things I’ve personally witnessed over the last decade and can track it all through my life.

Awareness around what I’m attracting to my life is all because I took the law of attraction and studied it (ad nauseam! I read over 50 books – if not more on the subject in the last 7 years!), analyzed it and literally watched it occur for so many people and watch how it plays out in life.

My life, as I like to think of it, is one big human experiment. I relish in psychology and why people do and act the way they do. It fascinates me.

I do things on purpose to test and see what will happen.

It’s fun.

One big thing I learned this decade is that everything is meaningless and we are the ones who put meaning on everything.

And that is SUCH a big relief when I’m so stressed out (which happens often) and reminding myself that for the most part everything we busy bees are doing down here on earth is irrelevant and yet we do it to self-actualize. Deep stuff and fascinating.

But when I’m stressed out about things out of my control, I remember none of it really matters at the end of the day and I smile.

I smile and chuckle to myself – even if I’m hysteric and crying.

I can see my monkey brain freaking out and still have my deeper soul laugh at myself for being so ridiculous. It’s one of the greatest gifts.

Life is just life. So don’t take it so seriously, or do – it’s up to you to put that meaning on it. AND your meaning is not any better than any one else’s meaning.

I’ve just come to learn that stress ages you and isn’t worth it in the long run, especially for your blood pressure and health.

Money is just energy you direct.

Another big one and most people including myself, still really don’t know how to channel this one….

The beliefs have shifted for me as well.

New beliefs that I’m choosing to embrace and I know will manifest themselves over the next decade and beyond.

Beliefs like:

Money flows easily to me in abundance.

That’s a good belief to have.

–> Thinking that money is hard to earn will make it so.

–> Thinking that you need to work hard for money will make it so.

–> Thinking that life is hard will make is so.

Don’t get me wrong.

Sometimes I love to relish in my pity parties. We all do.

I think going through and sitting with negative emotions and feelings and having negative thoughts is healthy.

I don’t think you’ll ever get past a 50% negative and 50% positive life, thoughts or feelings.

I don’t think we were created to ever have a 100% positive mindset.

We all have pain.

Pain is real and pain is pain is pain for all the humans.

We can’t escape pain.

We sit with it and feel it.

We don’t need to hide it.

But the suffering.

That’s optional.

You don’t need to suffer for years on end.

Best lesson I’ve learned as well. You get to take your lessons and your pain and turn them into beautiful things in your life.

Sit with the pain, feel it and let it move through you.

As long as it takes.

So blessed to know these lessons.

There are other lessons too.

Lessons around parenting are endless, but like all things, kids grow up and those lessons come and go (unless I were to hatch another batch of children, which is not something I ever plan on doing again!).

Lessons around what my body needs and likes and the awareness around that.

Lessons around business – I’m sure I will have many more lessons here, but I feel I got over some major hurdles in this decade and plan to not relive those!

My connection to my spiritual life is stronger than ever and God has my back and that peace is indescribable. This would be the best outcome I received in the last decade. Above relationships, money, business, friendship, family, my physical body – all of it – having a deep desire in connecting with God, my source, is something no one can take away ever.

And in life, that’s really the only thing that can’t be taken away….

I pray for so many people to find that kind of deep peace with their souls and it will look different to everyone. That peace takes you far and definitely helps me re-frame in times of great stress and trouble.

And then there are some lessons my heart has yet to learn and in many ways I’m excited about those lessons yet to come in my 40’s and beyond.

Most of all, today.

Today will be a good day.

I am seeing my kids off on the bus here soon, making breakfast and lunches, seeing 2 clients today and driving kids around in the evening.

I will call my mom & dad and tell them I miss them and love them.

I will smell the flowers in my office and thank my amazing Pam profusely for all the work she’s been doing lately in our office.

I will write more client thank you cards and respond to at least 30 client emails & phone calls today and move my business forward.

I will have a few hard conversations.

I will no doubt have a few joy-filled conversations or texts from friends.

I will experience all that life has to offer: excitement, frustration, sadness, anger, love, happiness, deep joy and peace.

I will put on a new pair of shoes today. Shoes make me smile and giggle like a geek. But most of all, good shoes help me STRUT and give me confidence to take on the world.

Most of all, today I will –

Live My Legacy.

And you will…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa