Small Miracles

Startled. Awoke from a dream in bed at 12:41am. Today. December 3, 2019.

With an idea.

A divine inspired idea.

And proceeded to plan it out for the next 3 hours and 20 minutes at which I said I really needed my rest because today is a big day for me. (Client and then 2 Work Christmas Parties! 😉 )

Like I said, big day. Need sleep.

But this idea was something I’ve been searching for FOR YEARS and it kinda came together in an effortless way last night in a dream.

Here’s the truth about miracles.

They come in the smallest of ways most of the time.

Yes, of course there are big miracles.

But how often do you get BIG miracles?

For you, my love, I hope you get BIG miracles ALL the time.

I guess my experience on earth believes more that the smaller miracles are more available to us ALL the time.

I would venture to say that most of your miracles come as small whispers and nudges from the universe.

Divinely ordained.

Waiting with ebullience for you to accept them and take them seriously.

Many pass by, like the muse, and venture on to others, and then one day someone else is walking around with your idea. (And they made millions with the waffle maker design and hair clip that you new would have been a hit but never followed up!)

When you have an idea, a miracle, and God handed it to you on a GOLDEN PLATTER, it’s best you follow it.

I think regret comes from the moments when you know deep down you didn’t follow an inkling you know was gnawing at your tummy.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take time.

It’s actually going to take approx 350-365 days to manifest itself out fully.

I’m a very patient person.

Miracles love a patient heart.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take lots of work.

I mean, a lot of WORK.

I mean, like 5-10 hours a week for the next year kinda work.

Unpaid work upfront, reward later.

Miracles love those who take them seriously and will put in the effort to see it through.

This miracle I’ve been handed is going to take a lot of faith.

LOTS of it.

At first glance, this is way bigger than me and I have ZERO idea how I’m going to pull this off!

Miracles are drawn to those with great faith.

Often times, you can swap out the word miracle with idea.

All ideas are miracles in someway shape or form born from our beautiful desires and subconscious creations.

Here’s my challenge for you:

Will you take your next miracle that comes your way and run with it?

Will you look at it awe inspired like a gift of manna from the heavens?

I won’t lie to you.

I was almost in tears of gratitude for the miracle idea I received.

It was like a sigh of relief.


Something I have long been searching for was now laid upon me and I know that from here on out it’s all action.

Sometimes we just need clarity in our lives to move forward and take giant steps in fear, er… I mean faith. Cause let me tell you they both “FEEL” the same.

I’m somewhat terrified people will laugh at my idea, or want to change it.

But this vision is all mine and I’m going to run with it.

AND with that kind of clarity, courage and confidence, I will see this miracle through from a small miracle to what it will turn into….


Did you know small miracles grow up to be big miracles?

Sure, it’s all perspective.

It’s the same with money.

Do you know how people create big financial miracles in their lives?

Small habits that turn out big for them.

Same with health. Same with strong relationships. Same with all off it.

Miracles are always available to you –

But it’s up to you to receive them! (Okay, that was some deep truth my soul just shivered writing that.)

When you take the small whispers, the miracle seeds handed to you and plant them, and watch them grow, you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa