Unlocking Confidence

I feel the thing everyone is searching for is confidence.

Confidence is all we really need to get to the next level, to that next place.

Confidence is courage mixed with a bit of clarity to be able to live in the place of excitement, that step outside of your comfort zone – also known as fear – to go out and make a stand for your life.

A stand for what you believe in.

A stand for the hard conversations you have to have with others.

A stand for your dreams.

A stand for love.

A stand for others.

If we could bottle it up and sell confidence – it would be priceless.

That’s really what most people are buying anyways when purchasing most things, if you think about it. Confidence to look good, feel good, etc.

The desire to gain confidence.

Okay, so we know that CONFIDENCE only comes from within and the people that have confidence seem to win in all areas of life (obviously not 100% of the time, but in an overall successful way that usually leaves us TRIGGERED.)


We’ve seen it a million times.

CONFIDENCE is the GREAT KEY to unlocking all the the things you desire in your life.

AND now, I feel like a coward! Well, after writing a sentence like the last one, it’s easy to feel like a coward when you realize you haven’t recently been unlocking some of those desire doors in your life.

I’m starting **yes, starting** not to care what others think in the realm of business.

This is where confidence, standing out to do your own thing, burning the ships – can burn you in the ass.

It’s because you are now risking financial stability or capital.

This is where fear shows up the greatest for us when it threatens our way of life or our feeling of security.

For me, let’s be honest, of course I care how I show up for friends and family – still wayyyyy toooo much!

And even more so how I show up for my clients and my business!!

The thing is, and this is the big thing – if you want to be a leader and trail-blaze a path to the next thing, business, idea, income, dream, desire, etc – you need to have CRAZY UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE!

Showing up for YOU is KEY.

Especially when you know that there are family, friends, and clients and colleagues watching you and probably scratching their heads thinking, “What the hell is this girl saying/doing now?”

And, it’s not about losing friends or even family – although that is not the intended consequence for standing out in confidence.

The potential immediate financial loss for a future-off-in-the-distant financial gain is really where it’s hard to live your confident life.

Meaning – we still live in the fear of today and let it paralyze us so much (or even just a little – but a little is a lot in regards to this conversation) that we can’t get past the “now” to step out into our most desired life.

I did something last week that ensured my business in the future, but I deep down wonder if it impeded my confidence in the message I know I am really here to share with the world.

I mean honestly, the jury on this on will be out for a few years before I can actually see where the chips landed.

But, I do this all the time.

We do this all the time.

Play safe.


Do everything in our power to be liked.

And it gets us where?

And I think there are 2 things here that I do:

  1. I don’t honour my schedule, my plan, my time. I STILL give it all away at a moments notice to someone in need – aka. KIDS, family, friends, clients – and barely keep any time for myself to think lately. This has disaster written all over it.
  2. I don’t stand in confidence because I fear losing what I’ve spent the last MANY years building up. It may not be much, but I’m still scared of losing it to stand in my power. COMFORT ZONES (like my comfy home, coffee & fireplace right now) are a dangerous thing when it comes to stepping out in confidence. You will naturally choose the NETFLIX path before actually committing to your dreams if you live a very comfy life. (Now, discomfort has always been known to push people to find their next level – kinda a do or die type of thing.)

So, the million dollar questions: How do we unlock confidence?

I think it’s literally doing the things that push you right out of your comfort zone.

Take the test.

Buy the business.

Make the call.

Do the speaking event.

Ask the girl out.

Try out the investment.

Hold the integrity with yourself.

You literally have lots to lose.

Seriously, you have lots to lose.

However, was any of it really yours to begin with or even take with you? #micdrop

That’s where the phrase “you really have nothing to lose” comes in!

Because it’s not yours and you never had it in the first place.

It’s your job to share what’s inside of you, bloom and help others.

If you can do that, you can virtually accomplish anything you set your mind.

That there in itself – that last sentence, when you really stop to think about it is MIND-BLOWING!

If you can live in the space of staying fully confident in all you do, I would personally guarantee you’d be able to CRUSH all your dreams.


What do you think about em’ apples?

Unlock your confidence and unleash it on your world.

That’s how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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