The Highlight Reels of Money

I had a crazy dream last night!

I usually remember vivid details of my crazy dreams. This was no different.

I was hanging out with my teenage group of friends and we stole the Mona Lisa, although, it wasn’t at the Louvre, it was at a church in Canada.

Once the money came around, we all got like a $2,000,000 cut from the proceeds. I didn’t want any part of it, so all I remember doing for most of my dream was running around this crazy church, which was more like a modern art museum, and trying to find hiding places, so my friends couldn’t find me and give me my $2-mil.

Finally, they found me. I was hiding on a ‘secret’ top floor in the building, and they forced the $2-Million dollars on me. So I took it and hid it in a bench so that the authorities couldn’t link it to me.

My girlfriend, one of my teenage-mob-friends, took her money and glared and me, then ran away with it. I remember yelling to her with deep dramatic passion (like the end scene of a movie) during her escape, “Why do you need this money? Why are you doing this? Don’t you have faith that you will make your own money?”

AAAAAAAND there it was.

I’m no dream expert and 90% of the time I can relate my dreams back to some TV show I watched the night before, like the time Benedict Cumberbatch kissed me…. that was a good dream (the perils of a Sherlock-Christmas-Netflix-Binge). Nonetheless, most of my crazy mixed up dreams come from a something I’ve experienced in ‘real-life’.

This was no different, although a huge break-through for me. I woke up this morning knowing that I didn’t need to steal anything or win any lottery to make my millions (I normally don’t steal, just so we are on the same page…).  It was a peaceful deep calm and knowing that all the abundance, much, much more than the $2,000,000 was already with me and present, I just have to tap into it. (This is something I have been working on for years and no surprise that I have dreams like this!)

All my teenage-gang-mob all felt that they needed to steal the Mona Lisa because they felt scarcity, lack and fear that they weren’t going to be provided for, that this was their only real chance wealth and ‘being rich’.

Who wants to live in fear?

No one does, yet we do. Our brains keep telling us these crazy stories, which are just that – stories.

I did it for SOOOOOO long.

I just got sick and tired of living in fear, lack and scarcity. It’s a very draining place to live. It’s not exciting at ALL!

The stories and the highlight reels we toss around in our brains actually play out in real life. That’s reality. You create it. So guard your thoughts carefully!

I have these conversations ALL the time around MONEY & FEAR with my clients. Daily. The 2 seem to go hand in hand. Too much money, too little money, fear of losing money, fear of not being able to live out the life you want to live, not being able to provide for your family, etc.

These are real fears, just as real as in my dream (Just you probably aren’t stealing the Mona Lisa to reach financial freedom!)

I FINALLY HAVE FAITH. Faith that abundance and my financial situation are my choice, my decision, and with that taking full ownership & responsibility – jumping into a full commitment around abundance and all that has to offer.

That’s what I was yelling to my girlfriend as she was running away with her cut of the money. I was desperately trying to get her to see that she can have the faith inside of her and that abundance could be hers if she chose it. She ran away.

We all can run away, live in denial, fear, lack & scarcity or choose something different. Neither is right or wrong – it’s just a choice.

Yours to make.


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