3 FINANCIAL TIPS to have an AMAZING 2017!

I spoke to a group of 77 women last week and gave them these tips – now I’m sharing these tips with you!

3 Financial Tips to have an AMAZING 2017!

This is what you do to have an amazing year:

#1 – GET A WILL!

Come on! I know it’s been on your TO-DO LIST for foreva’!  Scratch that thing off. Suck it up and make the plans to get that thing done. I have met with over 12 clients in the last 10 days. 10 of them had kids. ALL of them owned property. ZERO OF THEM HAD A WILL! Just book an appointment with your lawyer and do it. Plus, you are even giving everyone you love a bigger blessing by having this document completed, along with an enduring power of attorney and personal health directive. (If you have one, way to go! You deserve a glass of wine and chocolate! 🙂 )


Good independent advisors may be hard to find, like a good doctor, but once you have a planner to look “holistically” at your big financial picture, you will reap the benefits at least 10 times whatever you pay. Good advice is worth its weight in gold!


You wanna get ahead financially? Set a weekly money date with yourself. If you have a partner that’s on board, then do it with them. If you don’t (by the way, don’t feel bad, most couples I know can’t/don’t want to do this activity together!), then take the BULL BY THE HORNS and take control of your financial life for your and your family. Your partner will probably thank you for it anyways (you aren’t going to change your partner overnight anyway, they may never care really care about ‘managing the money’, and better to take control of the money situation instead of waiting for your partner to take the reins, which may or may not ever happen!)

So what is a money date? It’s a time set aside to MAKE LOVE TO YOUR MONEY – okay – maybe not really, but you do get to sip wine, light a candle and whip out the old spreadsheet and track a few of your favorite MONEY METRICS! (Don’t know what those are… then click here to learn more about some of My Favorite Money Measurements!)

This date once you get started should only take you a few minutes a week, but once you’ve created this habit, it will pay off for you down the road!

TRUST ME GORGEOUS! This will ensure that your 2017 is the best year yet!