The Cost of Financial Inaction

The cost of financial inaction always boils down to one thing.


Fear – which is the opposite of love – is what is holding you back from actually doing the things you know you should do and the things that align with your values.

Especially when it comes to your money or financial plan.

So why haven’t you done the things you know are in alignment for your life?

Why haven’t you completed your will or final instructions yet to save your family lots of frustration and pain when you pass away?

Why haven’t you set aside money or cash (or at least started the stash) for when you lose your job to next years pandemic or have to close your business for a period of time?

Why haven’t you protected the family that you love with a stream of income if you happen to get disabled or die?

It boils down to fear.

Fear that you won’t have the money to pay the lawyer for the will.

Fear that you might actually have to face your mortality (this is a big fear for many).

Fear that you will have to think through all the bad stuff and worst case scenarios, such as job loss or illness.

Fear that you might get declined for insurance or fear that the lender may discover your bad credit score.

Fear that you will be shamed for not saving enough or for carrying too much debt when you knew better.

These are all legitimate fears.

Some big, some not so big – but all valid reasons and the reasons why people get stuck in inaction.

Fear is holding you back.

And there’s a cost of that fear.

There’s a cost to you, to your family and to your community.

Here’s a crazy way new way to think about your procrastination and inaction.

Love – which is the opposite of fear – is expansive.

Love believes and IS infinite abundance.

Love knows no bounds and is not shackled by fear.

Where LOVE and belief in true abundance (abundance comes from the purest of love also known as the universe or God) will bring the money for all the needs and desires, whereas fear will cost you money because it is rooted in lack and not-enoughness.

Fear leaves you in inaction.

Inaction leaves you without a will, without insurance, without savings, without a plan, without a business, without goals, without dreams.

Fear leaves you WITHOUT.

Love brings with it ALL THE THINGS your heart desires because they were laid on your heart for a reason with a purpose.

Do you see the connection between fear and inaction in your life?

Do you see the cost that inaction brings you?

I will tell you this.

Fear and inaction has cost me millions of dollars.

I’m sure if you looked into your fears and all the action you didn’t take you will also find that it cost you dearly.

In all the areas.

Years that you could have been financially without worry, thinner, fitter, thriving business, better relationships, more opportunities for you and your family.

ALL THE THINGS you ever wanted.

That is the financial cost of inaction.

That is why you need to find the area in your life where you aren’t taking action and start taking the small steps towards changing that.

That’s where true and lasting transformation occurs – in the small actions, the small habits.

Love yourself enough to take the actions and to stop costing yourself all the things you ever wanted in life.

Get out of inaction.

Step into loving actions and you will surely…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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