Need to Dream Again?

Let me tell you why you need to chase DREAMS and not Accomplishments!


I get bored with accomplishments the day after I accomplish something.  If you think about it – I’m sure you feel similar.

I can remember the day after I got my degree or my latest letters behind my name. Sure, it felt awesome for like a day, but it really didn’t leave me inspired much past that, in fact – truth be told – I just wanted to start another course and get another designation. 

It’s like eating fast food. Accomplishments taste so good in the moment, but leave you wanting more and never really satisfy you – especially if you are a high achiever, like yours truly.

What are accomplishments?

Accomplishments are like awards you can put on your fireplace mantle that say things like “Debt-Free” and “Retired with $2,000,000 in Assets.” Congratulations! Those things are accomplishments.

Accomplishments are great; however (and a BIG however!) – they don’t leave us inspired.

They don’t lead to a LIFE YOU LOVE.


Accomplishments do IGNITE & inspire others and it’s important to note they are the side effects of YOUR amazing dream.

Accomplishment are a way to brag to the world about how much money you have or what education you’ve collected on your resume.

Who cares?

You can’t leave this world with it anyways.

You can’t leave this world with your accomplishments!  

What do accomplishments really do for you at the end of the day besides feed your ego? Good, Bad or Ugly.

Dreams are different.

Dreams are what fuels YOU. 

Dreams are expansive.

Dreams are the vision you have for your life – to create something worthwhile, to have a positive impact on the world, your community, your family, your friends.

Accomplishments are ‘after the fact’ – whereas DREAMS are the best part of the journey.

Accomplishments usually come after a ‘period of time’ of achievement. That doesn’t sound fun for anyone who wants to LIVE NOW!

Where does the rubber meet the road?

When you use your accomplishments – the money, the skills, the education you have acquired and apply it to your dreams. 

That’s what your calling is. 

That is living in the sweet spot.

Do you have dreams? Of course you do!

Do you need to wake some of those dreams up and shake things up again?

Sure you do.

{I think many of us find ourselves in this space where we need to dream again. Plus it’s healthy to dream! And even more healthy to dream BIG! Did you know your dreams had health benefits?! They do!}

When you discover or re-discover your dreams and put a plan in place to call them into reality that’s 100% how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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