The Ruins of Busy

Busy will ruin you.

It will disguise itself as good and in many ways as there are desirable qualities busy carries with it.

I was sitting with a man having a drink and he proceeded to tell me he was busy.

He’s always telling me that.

It’s such a turn off.

(Not in a sexual manner, but let’s face it – in that way too. Who wants a lover that’s too busy for them?! #thisistrue!)

Who even wants to be associated with people that are too busy?

Now, ya’ll know what I have preached – every which way to Sunday – about time management, schedule it or it’s not getting done and then also on the fact that once you have it scheduled you need to be in INTEGRITY around your calendar.

But ‘busy’ goes far beyond the fact that some people still need to learn how to schedule and use a day planner (although, yes, I would still suggest that some people really still need to get into integrity with their time management!)

Busy is a word that when used makes the other party feel not important.

So there is that as well.

Again, back to the friends you have that say they are too busy to visit you or hang out with you – total bummer eh?

I’ve already made my points about ‘busy’ and could stop writing the blog right here and be totally fine with my reasoning and justification to never use the word ‘busy’ again.

However, today, my loves, I want to take this to a whole other realm.

I want to dive into why ‘busy’ is actually keeping you from accomplishing your goals and keeping you disconnected from your source, your power.

Ya, it’s that harsh.

Being disconnected from your source and your power is serious stuff.

And being busy and using that word, along with its connotation and definition is doing just that to you.

What if you began to hold the belief that there was time for everything that you wanted to do?

What if you began to believe that there was an abundance of time?

I started believing in time abundance years ago and as I’ve grown my business, hired people, and still drive my kids around – I know there is an abundance of time. {Einstein actually came up with this… seriously… you can google….}

But even deeper than that, is this.

What if you truly believed that you could create your life exactly as you wanted it, would ‘busy’ be a part of it?

I think ‘busy’ was for the 1980’s mom who couldn’t outsource or connect as easy we can these days.

Busy to me implies this.

Stressed out.


Flying by the seat of your pants.

And hey, that’s okay sometimes.

But there’s nothing you are helping your soul with when you can’t sit still for even 5 minutes because you are so busy.

So, I want you to get out of ‘busy’ and step into your Queenhood.

Queens do not tell anyone they are busy, yet in reality, they probably have the most full schedule.

Queens handle things like… ummm… a queen!

They are not scatterbrained.

The handle everything with grace, elegance and poise.

They have a deep faith.

They know everything is working together for their highest good – even all the wars and bad stuff.

They know how to delegate.


That’s the big one.

They will create the biggest visions, but always know they will delegate out all the parts to others with expansive faith (not stress or worry), but they also know how to prioritize self-care first and realize they first must give to themselves before they can give to others.

That’s what happens when you can slow down, take a deep breath and get to that place of nothingness.

SECRET: That’s the place you need to get to in order to create, you must have the blank slate in front of you before you can draw out the big vision – the big vision never comes when you are BUSY doing all the things and very few of them in alignment with your big vision – YES, that BIG VISION – the big vision you haven’t even made time to map out because you’ve been so busy and keep blaming where you are in life on that.

Stop blaming BUSY for what you know is really you not being in alignment with your life….

or too scared to actually sit in the stillness and hear your thoughts.

Trust me.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

The universe will most likely ask you to do something BIG and 100% out of your comfort zone.

And that’s why you stay in the negative energy of ‘busy’.

If 2020 had one glimmering bit of light it was this:

Be Still.

(Oh and funny story, on Dec 31, 2019 I literally chose my phrase or word of the year for 2020 and it was BE STILL. Funny, not funny – but I feel I manifested this whole year of shut downs. 😉 Be careful what you wish for!!)

So on that note, I want to say that I run from people who always tell me they are busy. Usually, they aren’t open to receiving the gifts that await them when they truly hold the POWER of TIME ABUNDANCE.

That’s what this is all about.

Being able to create at the highest level.

Not serving all the millions of things on your to-do list, but really being able to step into your power.


Make a commitment to completely rid yourself of the word busy.

Try other words: I’m full or previously engaged at that time or actively engaged or I’m unavailable at that time, maybe we can do another time?

When you commit to time abundance you commit to stand in your power and elevate your life (& money!)…..

and that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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