Time to EXPOSE Yourself?

Time To Expose Yourself

Are you exposing yourself?

The answer is no if you don’t already have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Maybe in some areas of your life you finally feel safe enough exposing yourself, but there’s this area – the BIG area of your life where you are deeply unhappy.

And it’s because you’ve ceased to pull back the curtains and EXPOSE yourself.

(Side note: the area of your life where you are deeply unhappy is always going to be the biggest frustration of your life by the simple fact that you are always focusing on it and calling it the biggest frustration/unhappy part of your life! Just by focusing on the bad you are attracting more of it into your life – so stop thinking about the bad part of your life and focusing on it. Okay, side note complete.)

You are so desperately seeking to have things change around you and claw and stress and the more you push, the more things stay the same.

If we could get everything we ever wanted without having to lay our SOUL, BODY, MIND, HEARTS EXPOSED out on the line, then of course we’d all have everything we ever wanted.

You are begging for a MIRACLE right now in some area – a shift in perception – that’s really what you are after.

After all, is life not an illusion we can bend and mold to exactly what our thoughts are?

You want the thing on the other side of where you are now.

Whatever that is for you – love, health, wealth – whatever it is – it WILL not happen until you step out in faith.

But to take that one step further – you will not have a change in perception about life, paradigm shift or that MIRACLE, until you step out in FAITH.

Taking a step out in FAITH means being




That’s when you know you are doing it right.

You are emotionally, mentally, and HEY, if we are talking sex, you are physically NAKED.

You are putting yourself out there in a way that DOESN’T FEEL SAFE.

AND here’s the linchpin…

The magic won’t happen until you are EXPOSED.

(A colleague once said, “You can’t be a success and a secret at the same time!”)

Do something that makes your soul feel alive.

  • Have that ‘hard’ conversation.
  • Create that art.
  • Heart on your sleeve.
  • Go for that run, lift those weights.
  • Take a stand for something you believe in with your whole heart.
  • Share your message, your product, your value.

That’s how you harness your energy and then use it as fuel in your life.

That’s how you get to the next level.

I had an interesting comment from one of my coaches who told me that if I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out that I should NOT retreat, but take on more!


Yes, take on more.

Feel alive again.

This is not normal advice you would get from anyone, as we know – the world has gotten lazy.

When feeling tired, overwhelmed, busy and stressed, the world would tell you to baby yourself, get a massage and take time off.

It’s MORE than socially acceptable to take time off of your life.

But the message is VERY different for the leaders who are here to make a difference – you know who that is. (It’s Y-O-U!)

Well, I don’t know about you personally – and dare I say, this TAKE-ON-MORE-APPROACH is not for everyone – in fact, it’s not for 99% of people, but for us adrenaline entrepreneurial leaders, messengers and movers & shakers, it’s probably the best way out of a rut! (You are only in a rut cause you are bored with your work, the norm, the routine.)

Take on more.

Take on things that excite you.


But, I think that’s they key – ‘things that excite you’.

Is what you are doing exciting enough?

If it’s not, then GIRL (or BOY), you aren’t dreaming big enough!


End of Sentence.

You’ve settled.

You’ve succumbed to life.

To the life everyone thinks you should have.

BUSY is not the goal.

The goal is to CREATE.

The goal is to CREATE YOUR ENERGY.

Be in charge of all that you are putting out there into the ethers.



Because we all know the great truth –

that once you get your whole energy game down (aka. know how to flip your switch, know how to get into the zone & FLOW) THEN….


(That’s simple only because it’s law of attraction, duh?)

“What we are looking for is what is looking.”

St. Francis of Assisi

The magic CAN NOT – I repeat – The magic CAN’T appear when you are NOT in your zone of flow, your zone of TURNED ON ENERGY!

Yes, this applies to everything from healing to sex to love to weight loss to making money and of course to business.

It all requires the same energy – the energy where you have to (you must) be you – you GET to just be you. NO ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS!

But you have to be the you with your HEART, SOUL, MIND, BODY – ALL OF IT hanging out over the edge.

You can’t be ‘the you’ sitting on the couch.

You have to be the version of you that is stepping out in faith – DAILY – toward those big SCARY dreams that seem so SO far away from where you are now.

You have all that you need, so don’t fret.

You were built with all the standard operating equipment that you needed to be the AMAZING you that you are.

You have the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) already built in. (Okay, so I just learned what that was when I was shopping for a new windshield for my car – so I naturally had to use it!)

It’s not something you need to go out and find.

And for all those still seeking that it’s out there somewhere.

It’s not.

You are doing waaaaay to much work trying to get the world to bend to you and in turn you are pushing everything you want away when all you have to do is turn inward.

The truth is that you are connected and tapped into source that you don’t need anyone’s ideas, anyone’s direction, anyone’s beliefs or values – YOU HAVE THAT IN ABUNDANCE from the all knowing, all powerful source within you.

You need to SNAP out of it and realize you already have it all.

There’s nothing else you need.

It’s just your job to tap into that unlimited abundance that has been surging through you bring the energy through you and out into the world. (and if you are keeping it bottled up – it will cause DIS-EASE in your body!)

No one owes you anything.

Not money.

Not love.

Not time.


You create that.

You need to BE IT.

You need to BE IT first before it can follow in your reality.

Your energy needs to be aligned and alignment only comes through taking action with faith – and taking the big scary step.

You keep forgetting that what happens between your BIRTHDAY and your DEATHDAY are up for grabs.

It’s all up to you.

Not anyone else.

And you have to believe that you have been granted the power to do that.

So many people still think life happens to them, powerless, and that they must sit idly by and watch it.

Don’t be that person.

You know deep within that you were created to create and make it happen.

Are you making it happen for yourself?

Oooooooh….. No.

No you’re not or else you’d already have everything you ever wanted.

And when you have everything you’ve ever wanted you know you’ve been…

da, Da, DA…….


You won’t get anywhere until you’ve made the decision, taken the action of being…


It’s time to be EXPOSED!

Oh, and remember beautiful person – that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx L

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