Do The Thing Already!

Do The Thing Already

You are still not stepping out in faith.

If you did, you’d already be & have all the things you are longing to be!

Faith means to do something that feels scary.

It’s not faith when it doesn’t make your adrenaline pump.

That door knock.

That question you need to ask.

That conversation that’s been holding you back.

That text or email you need to send but have been holding back.

Certain “BIG” things that we are afraid to do eventually become not big deals.

Like sitting on a chair.

The first time you sit on a chair you have faith it will hold you up.

And you learn to trust the chair.

You know it will have your back 99% of the time and things will be fine.

Yes, there is still the 1% of the time when the chair doesn’t have your back.

Like when I’m sitting around outside my backyard BBQ with a group of friends over. #perfecttiming

That is the prime time for the chair to break & my friends to laugh at me – naturally! So embarrassing, but hilarious!

But I will tell you one thing.

Within minutes I was sitting on another chair and there was absolutely no fear, no worry that the chair would not hold me.

I had faith, and even when the chair let me down, I had such strong faith in chairs that it did not stop me (or even cross my mind) from sitting in more chairs.

My faith lives on.

And so it is with life.

The first time is scary doing anything.

But you have to take that first step in faith.

Besides my ‘chair faith’, I have gotten good at stepping out in faith.

Like writing.

First time publishing this blog.


Second time.

More terrifying.

If that’s even possible!

Now, still terrifying with a side of calm knowing I won’t get struck by the hate police with every word I type – that’s only happened like 1% of the time!

Then there was video.

I still hate video.

Then there was all the things, love, marriage, parenthood, school, KETO diet… I mean all the things you step out in faith with.

All those things that terrified you, you eventually got over – they became your norm and you were able to do them with ease and no panic attack every time.




Right now.

Right now, there is something BIG.

Something so B I G that you MUST step out and do.


It feels bigger than anything you’ve ever done.

This is something your soul is calling you to do.

It may be something short term or long term.

It may be something silly to other people, but to you it’s big and scary.

I can tell you this.

Whatever it is, it will push you – THRUST YOU – into the next level version of yourself, but you won’t get there unless you obey that voice.


You can keep pushing it down and it will make you fat, get you sick, manifest whatever UGLINESS that comes from not listening to your purpose work.

Okay, maybe that’s just me.

Actually, wanna know what happens to me?


When I’m holding off on doing my souls purpose work in faith this is what happens!

(You may relate?!)

  • my house is clean, organized and spotless
  • so is my office
  • my kids are happy and full of sugar
  • my degrees and letters behind my name pile up
  • my body becomes fitter (because working out is waaaaaay easier that actually doing my scary purpose work!)
  • I’ve watched every series possible on Netflix
  • I volunteer like a MAD woman

But let me be very clear.

None of that above is really my soul work.


It’s great to have all that as a by-product, but you will also never be truly happy until you UNLEASH YOUR SOUL into it’s dream work.

It’s true.

I know when I’m completely turned on and tuned in – that’s when I’m in flow and my whole life hums and sings like a musical.

You won’t get what you want unless you step out in faith.


But that’s scary.

“A little adrenaline rush is good for you,” says me.

But, is it really? I like my quiet boring life.

The fire and fear and adrenaline rush tells you that it’s something you simply must do!

Your soul says ‘yes’.

Your comfy life says ‘no’.

Your belly is a mix of butterflies & bombshells & knots.

At odds.

Cognitive Dissonance.

Internal conflict.

A choice that needs to be made.

A decision.

A moment of stepping out in faith.


As Mel Robbins puts it.

Just do it.

As Nike puts it.

Eat that frog.

As Brian Tracy puts it.

You will never get to live your legacy, live your dreams without that step in faith.

Knowing that it will get easier over time.

I promise.

But, today.

Today you need to swallow that MF thing and get on with it already.


You hear me?!

Do the damn thing that you were meant to do and do it –

N O W.

Don’t forget – that’s how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa