The Best Thing I Ever Learned

I’m writing an exam this week.

Another one.

Why on God’s green earth do I do this to myself?

I’ve spent the last 20-years of my life in school which follows the mandatory 12-years of education prior to becoming an adult.

I can never remember a time when I haven’t been registered in a formal “higher” education course for my career, not to mention on top of that, the tons of personal self-growth courses and trainings I’ve attended since high school. That’s like 32 years of my life. I don’t even remember the good ol’ days of not having to think about an upcoming exam – mostly because I would’ve been 5-years-old.

I’ve also become a wiz at multiple choice tests. Ughhh…. like that’s what I want people to remember about me at the end of my life – “But she was really good at passing multiple choice exams and bull-shitting her way through essays – look at all those letters behind her name. {insert sob}”

I came to a crazy realization a while back about all this “learning” & “knowledge” I was trying to gather and accomplish.

{BUT FIRST, let’s be VERY clear. I’m not that smart. I’m brilliant at following through, not quitting, and instant regurgitation, however, after an exam, 99% of the info drains out of my brain so I can make room for important things, primarily Netflix and what I want to eat for dinner.}

OK, so here’s the thing.

Taking all these courses have absolutely NOTHING to do with making money. They also have nothing to do with the quality of work I do. I could have stopped after the 7th letter behind my name and still be considered of “value” in my industry – and truth be told, some of the most brilliant minds I work with barely have ANY formal education. Isn’t’ that how it goes?

Formal education, getting a fancy degree or masters or Ph.D. has really nothing to do with making money.

This I know well.

So that’s probably point #1.

Education ≠ Money

Point #2.

The thing that really drove me to get all this education, up until a few years ago was approval. (Yes, back to good ol’ self-worth issues!)

Approval from men mostly. Maybe my Dad a little, probably my husband at one point, but mostly men in my industry. For me to be taken “seriously” as a woman, I felt I needed to prove myself. (Yes, I know this is sad. But LADIES, I sure as HELL know I’m not alone on this boat!)

And so I did. In fact, I have more letters behind my name than most financial people in my industry.

And guess what?!

It means F-ALL.

In fact, trying to please everyone or ANYONE, especially men or a man, is the BIGGEST waste of time for one’s soul.

Do I regret taking the courses? No. Never. I’m inquisitive by nature so I love to learn and always will.

Do I regret thinking that this would make me something of value and that I’m nothing without this education? ABSOLUTELY!

One thing I think I struggled with is that “society” thinks we need to get all this fancy education to be of value. Sometimes “society” even thinks that we are nothing when we don’t have a degree or formal education. (and by “society” – this could be your parents or others close to you!)

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What everything should boil down to in the education world is to a place where we solve the problems of the world through ideas, utilizing knowledge and learning how to think.

I think that’s the best thing I ever learned ABOUT learning was to learn that you can help solve other people’s problems and find ways to help others, create, come up with new ideas and make this world a better place (oh and you can make money doing that too!). That’s all education needs to be about. That’s all you need to fill your brain, heart, & soul with.

Don’t let the extra letters behind someone’s name make it seem that they are better than you – because they aren’t. Usually, they are just FABULOUS at regurgitation!

Although it isn’t now, for me, education was all about PROVING something to someone. Maybe on a deep DEEP level that someone was me.

Here’s a question for you:

Is there something in your life right now that you are doing to PROVE to someone else which isn’t in alignment? 


Is that someone you? 

Have you deeply and completely LEARNED to LOVE YOURSELF?

That’s the BEST thing I ever learned!


AND I’m still working on that course.

As for this course & exam this week – it’s in the bag – and for all the right reasons!