Asking For Help

Ask for Help

Yesterday was one of those really hard days where failure & heart ache seemed to present at every turn.

I know you’ve had days like that, too many to count.

Many times in life it feels like there is no hope or that things will never go your way.

These usually fall into our 3 main categories of life: love, health & wealth.

Isn’t it just a wonder that there’s always one category that just seems off and we can never quite seem to pull off the trifecta.

Funny how that is!

And then there are the times when all 3 areas of life are just miserable for one reason or another.

I was reading the words of Catherine Ponder, a mid-century pastor, who spoke so eloquently of “failure being nothing but success trying to be born a different way.”


I always know there is a lesson for me somewhere in all the frustration, stress, anger and pain.

I think that’s all part of the lesson – gaining wisdom.

And the biggest gift I think one gets from wisdom is knowing when to ask for help.

That is what wisdom really is: knowing that you really don’t know anything and asking for help to guide you in this crazy journey of life.

Crazy it is!

I think where one gets stuck so often is in the fact that there are no right answers and no wrong answers to so many questions and that all we are left with is our choices and we all so desperately seek to find the manual to life that will tell us the step-by-step instructions we need to “get it right”.

If only the step-by-step guides actually did give us guaranteed results, but we know that’s really only good for cooking or how to install a toilet.

The rest of life will never come with such an instruction manual.

But it does come with help.

And it does come with people who want to help.

I will tell you a secret.

I hate asking for help.

Why is it that so many of us hate asking for help?

I do get the fact that sometimes asking for help does come with a price tag – however on a quick side note, it’s usually ALWAYS worth it!

I try so SOOOO hard to be self-sufficient in so many areas.

Now, I must say, in my life, I’m actually pretty good at delegating and asking for help, but that’s only because I’ve had practice.

It’s a skill.

It’s a skill I’ve gotten good at AND a skill I still despise and still hate to ask for help.

I feel weak and I hate feeling weak –

and this is a big HOWEVER….

I learned long ago that everything I ever want out of life will come from me asking for help!

It will come from me asking for HUGE amounts of help!

And yet, it is getting easier, but it’s still so uncomfortable.

Many times when you do ask for help, it will come in the most lovely and unexpected ways and you will find yourself wondering why you didn’t do this earlier.

I asked for help recently in a BIG way and I felt a HUGE weight lift off my shoulders.

I also know that I do this for clients when I help them get organized and planned out financially.

It takes a huge weight off their shoulders knowing that they don’t have to spend every waking minute worrying about their money.

(Hence, if you haven’t found a financial planner yet, then here’s your call to action!)

I don’t know why we are so programmed to resist asking for help and feeling weak because of it.

Did you know that anything great that has been accomplished has been done so by asking for help?

Did you know that asking for help is the only way you will be able to share your message, market your products, grow or even work for your company?

I mean, by all means, continue on the DO-IT-YOURSELF method, but don’t be alarmed when you don’t really get the results you desire.

I think we were created for community.

I think we were all created with these amazing special gifts and connect effortlessly like puzzle pieces and I think there are areas in our life we are not asking for help.

When you do tune in to your higher power many times it’s so clear that there’s someone staring us right in the face that can help us with our problems.

Never underestimate that you are God’s hands and feet to another soul and that someone else is that to you.

This is what growing and wisdom looks like – allowing for help.

Receiving help.

Receiving money.

Receiving love.

Receiving healing.

It’s all available to us in abundance.

Maybe we are just not asking for help – period.


Maybe we are just not asking big enough trying to put the universe in a small little box and only ask for our daily needs.

Maybe, just maybe, there is something greater in works for you and maybe it’s time to trust yourself, wise up, and


Wisdom is knowing that.

When you ask for help you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

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