Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday Ellements Group!

The cosmic joke is that if you really want to be ‘spiritual’ or do all the self-growth/self-help work on yourself become SELF-EMPLOYED, start a business and find ways of making your own product, service, earning your money, etc.

That’s one GUARANTEED way for all of your personal shit to come right up in your face and smack you around a bit (or a lot!)

{Yes, this is a very real and candid blog and I’m sorry to use the word shit, but only #sorrytothefarmerswholiterallyhavetoshovelshiteveryday! Calling it like it is.}

You want to be enlightened?

You want to be the next best version of yourself?

Take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

It’s a guaranteed way to deflate your ego from the corporate world so fast your head will spin.

It will challenge you at every level of business.

Want a new level of success in your business = peel off an old layer of personal shit.

Rinse. Repeat. {Yes, you really do need to rinse after that!}

I often – OFTEN – in the last 5 years of business (and even in the last 20 years of being self-employed!) thought of going to get a ‘steddie eddie’ paycheque more than once – isn’t that the dream?

To be honest, I’m fabulous on a budget.

I was so good at managing my money at age 20 it got boring and realized I needed another challenge – like, oh, I don’t know – finding ways to blow all my money on a career/business that was related to money.

WOW! That girl had some balls!

Seriously – who the heck was I to be giving financial advice at age 20.

I barely see parts of that BRAZEN girl I once was who thought she could take over the world, although, I’m realizing more and more she’s still here and she’s still comes out to play – EVEN WHEN my common sense brain is SCREAMING NO!


  • Don’t hire another person!
  • Don’t spend that money – you’ll need it for next month’s payroll!
  • Don’t subscribe to yet another SAAS, system, or buy yet another iPhone, iPad, computer!
  • AND for GOD’S SAKE, stop buying fresh flowers for your office and fancy candles!

I think to be an entrepreneur you must have to go a little mad and definitely throw caution to the wind most of the time.

AND constantly do the things that scare the life out of you.

WOW! The internal struggle is SO in your face when you are an ENTREPRENEUR and anyone knows, this is the best self-growth and lessons you are going to get on the planet about anything.

Want to test your family, your marriage, your relationships?

Become an entrepreneur!

Want to watch all your savings trickle away?

Start a business with your own capital.

Want to cry 20 times a day and hide under your blankie?

Yup, you got it – go do commission sales work!

On the plus side, entrepreneurship has given me LOADS of compassion for humans and the hard work that goes into a business of any size.

Seriously, when did entrepreneurship become sexy?! This isn’t sexy at all – and also leaves you exhausted and no time for….

I also realize the stress of it is not for everyone, and I am jealous 99% of the time of people with the ‘steddie eddies’.

Most entrepreneurs – especially if you are just starting out – don’t have the luxury of consistent reliable cash flow – it’s usually paycheque to paycheque and living off savings from a past life or the equity in your home for quite a while.

(SIDE NOTE: I PRAISE entrepreneurs who put their capital at risk to create change in our world. That’s how it’s done and don’t let anyone shame you into thinking you are doing something stupid with your money – especially family! If that’s you – I applaud you and your BRAZENNESS & BALLS to put yourself and YOUR MONEY out there!)

There’s usually a hump in your business.

Or call it a mountain! (tomatoe, tomato)

The break-even point when you slowly feel the wheels arrive at the top of the hill and teeter there for a minute before you may actually get a little bit of downhill relief.

As much as I joke, I still feel I don’t know what that is – and quite honestly, wonder at what point I will feel that. (Maybe when I stop expanding my business, but then aren’t you just dying at that point?!)

I guess it depends on your goals.

If I wanted just a me, myself and I operation, I probably could be living the laptop lifestyle now in Bali (but I wouldn’t be, because well, you know…)

But for ya’ll that know me you know this was never the plan.

The plan is and always has been: GO BIG OR GO HOME!

(Also known as re-investing in your business over and over and over again….)

I feel like my soul is here to just say “what the hell” and throw caution to the wind and deep down – not give a shit what anyone thinks.

That BRAZEN GIRL is still coming out to play.

And yes, I still think ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the FUNNEST game around!

Hey, you can’t take the money with you, it’s never been yours to begin with, money is just energy, money is a renewable resource, money is in abundance, money in not finite – all the points that make me want to play the game because in ALL the ways that’s all it is anyways.

Life is always what you make it mean.

And I think that’s the whole point here as I celebrate my 5th Business Anniversary today. (From New York City to Cochrane, Alberta – Happy 5th Birthday Ellements Group & this blog #261!!)

I think the point is this.

I still come to play everyday.

I still love to come play everyday.

And I damn well know, on the deepest of levels, down in my soul, that I am…


Living My Legacy.

On the DAILY.

Showing up.

Showing up for the world.

And as I always say to you, beautiful….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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