8 Essential Tips For Building Wealth

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

I gave some Wealth Words last week to a room of 150 Beautiful Women at Women’s Conference. This is what I shared with them.

8 Essential Tips for Building Wealth

1. Asking is the key to receiving – and if asking is the key, then to build wealth we must ask.

We must not be ashamed to ask. We must not feel guilt.

Here’s another thing. If you really feel you have enough, then you will have enough.

No more, no less will be given to you.

When you say to the universe “I have enough”, the universe will pass by you to the next person with arms outstretched shouting – “I am expecting. I am expecting a supernatural wave of blessing. I am open to receive.”

It’s like being at a restaurant and a waitress asks if you need anything else, and you say you’re good – then she literally doesn’t come back until it’s time to pay the bill and CHECK OUT! The universe operates pretty much the same way as a busy restaurant.

Your receiving and giving need to be in flow.

Receiving is hard for most people, especially us women. Most of us give until it hurts and don’t know how to receive.

If you can’t take a compliment, then getting a big check is going to be VERY difficult for you (and if you get one that you didn’t “receive” energetically like an inheritance or lottery winnings then many times it easily dissipates to nothingness…)

So, learn how to RECEIVE. When you don’t receive, you are robbing someone else of their JOY of giving. You basically become a JOY ROBBER!

2. Avoid breaking focus. When you surround yourself with the wrong people you make the wrong decisions, and naturally that’s pulling you off course. Same goes for your wealth – make a plan and stick to it.

3. Procrastination is the KILLER of your wealth.  

So what you’ve been putting off – do it now!

4. What you are saying is directly linked to your wealth!

The golden rule of prosperous thinking is that you should not think or say anything concerning another’s financial affairs that you would not want to experience in your own life.

Here’s another thing about your words: Are you are sending mixed messages?

People often discount the importance of money in one breath and yet they admit they are working very hard to get it in the next. Stay consistent with your money story, your money affirmations, what you are telling yourself, your friends, your family – everyone.

Your ONLY JOB is to keep your VIBE HIGH. HOLD THAT HIGH VIBRATION OF JOY. Anytime that low energies come spinning into your reality, whether from others or from your own brain – say “NO THANK YOU” and focus back on the new positive thought.

The external reality right now is not where you are going to be in the future – so give yourself a break.

When you see that place of lack – disconnect from it.

5. Appreciate your money.

Here is where you need to adopt an attitude of gratitude.

When you begin to appreciate your money it will appreciate for you.

Stay in that place of thanksgiving, even when it’s not going your way.

Wealth can only come from gratitude.

6. Remember that money is not the THING you are really after – it’s the side show. What you are really after is the FEELING money brings. So, feel the way you want to feel FIRST and then money will come into your present reality.

WEALTH MUST COME FROM WITHIN FIRST. Meaning like attracts like (Law of Attraction 101).


7. We bring the energy to money, to our wealth.

Remember, money has no feelings. Money by itself is worthless.

We bring the energy to money.

We give it value.

But we also load other value onto it than just a form of exchange.

We load our self-esteem on to it like a million-dollar Nordstroms gift card we load our self-worth on it like a pair of Louboutins!

We make it Serious. We make it evil, bad, good – why not make it fun? Why not make it easy?

Why not hold beliefs that making money is easy and fun?

8. Wealth wants/needs/begs for someplace to go.

Your wealth and money NEEDS a place to go. It so desperately wants to fill a purpose.

Have you clearly defined where you want money to go?

I know this is a glass ceiling for me personally. My income has stagnated. But not because of any other reason than me not having the clarity and dreaming the big dreams so money has a place to go to!!!

Money hates the VOID, it goes into specific places for specific purposes. Whatever you deem those to be!

This is the reason why for so many of us, our income will always equal our expenses! BOOM!

If you really want to watch this talk – it’s on my YouTube channel – creep me there! 😉

Live YOUR Legacy

xx Lisa


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