Caramilk Sit-Ups

My life is going amazing! Why might you ask? Well, let me tell you!


  • can’t lose another pound for whatever reason, been stuck at this place for 4 MONTHS trying!
  • feel like I’m making ZERO headway in my business – ALL AREAS (regular business, book, online, etc.)** This is my BIGGEST UPSTREAM
  • my kids are constantly fighting, and I’m ready to sell them
  • I snore. I don’t know why I’m telling you that, but I was diagnosed with a big tongue (There’s not even a surgery for that!) To be fair – I sleep like a baby, but no one else does

I want to blame today’s MASSIVE FRUSTRATION on PMS, because I seem to go through this every bloody month (no pun intended) and I’m so over it!

So my friends, I write you today because I’m really grouchy, pissed, depressed at life, and maybe so are you. Maybe you’ve been working hard toward your ideal goal too and it isn’t happening. Maybe it’s been years and you still feel you have no headway.

I’m sitting here writing like I do every Tuesday morning at 4am. I’m in my dining room, I can look out and see the stars, sip on my coffee and listen to the quiet and write myself some good advice. Any writer knows the secret truth of writing is not for others, but for yourself!

In these moments, my cherished ambrosial hours of the morning, with no one in my head, and no one in my inbox and voicemail, and no one around, I get to connect with the future me.

FUTURE LISA: Why are you so blah women? Get it together! Get off your lazy ass and get up out there and make stuff happen! Come on! You are SOOOO CLOSE TO ACCOMPLISHING SOME OF YOUR BIG GOALS, why are you quitting now? What else are you going to do all day? Sit on your ass and watch NETFLIX? (Side note: I just realized after editing this that FUTURE LISA sounds just like my mom….. hmmmm!)

CURRENT LISA: Yes, damn straight. I’m going to do that and eat some chocolate. I’m right in the middle of “The Blacklist” and trying to figure out why I have a secret crush on James Spader, because it baffles me, he’s not that good looking. Maybe it’s his brains….. I could re-watch Sherlock and get me some more Benedict Cumberbatch – nothing wrong with that… my brain would rather turn off the rest of my life FOREVER.

FUTURE LISA: PULL IT TOGETHER LADY! Those abs you want ain’t going to carve themselves. The impact and transformation you want to make happen in the world ain’t going to happen while hiding in bed making love to a CARAMILK.

CURRENT LISA: I don’t see your point. I’m doing situps every time I reach for a piece of my Caramilk. So far, that equals, hmmm, 24 sit-ups, clearly enough to negate the calories of the actual chocolate bar.

And this is why CURRENT LISA always wins. SHE’S STEALTHY, and she makes a really good point about sit-ups, and is damn good at justification  – she’s been practicing it for many years!

What’s the point here of this whole spiel? Good question, you are asking the wrong LISA. CURRENT LISA may be heading back to bed in a few minutes to make love to a chocolate bar. Better to ask the other one what this is all about.

FUTURE LISA has finished her next 4 books, completely transformed financial literacy in Canada, raised 2 amazing ladies that are living with love & on purpose, ran a marathon, had a REAL New York Times Best-Seller, inspired millions of people around the world to get their ASSets in order, helped thousands of families create a legacy to last for generations to come, and still does Caramilk sit-ups.

So maybe have a talk with your future self when feeling frustrated, depressed, or grouchy and get inspired to continue on, despite things not happening the way you want them to.

How can your future self inspire you today?