4 Things I’m Super Passionate About

Things I’m passionate about:

  1. Shoes
  2. Chocolate
  3. Shopping
  4. Wine

But here are the 4 things I’m SUPER passionate about, that aren’t totally self-serving, although make no mistake, I will always love my shoes and shoe closet!

I’m so passionate about these things because I feel they are my life’s work to help people create a legacy of something greater than ourselves, and these are some of the ways in which we can do that!

1. Life Insurance

Why? Because I’ve seen first hand what the power of a huge sum of money can do for a family in their darkest hours. I also want to say, if you have debts or children, I think it is your responsibility to make sure you have a plan for those in case you aren’t here one day. Stop putting it off. Make sure your family is well taken care of. This isn’t about getting your family “rich” or being worth more dead than alive, it is, however, something that I believe everyone needs, regardless of age, because, let’s face it, every single person who dies has final expenses and it can become a financial burden. I’ve seen it many times. (Not to mention, Life Insurance still offers ways to shelter money tax-free in some cases, and all life insurance payouts in Canada are tax-free.)

2. Critical Illness Insurance

The average age of claims for these policies in Canada is age 46-49! YES, that is the AVERAGE, meaning approx. half above that age, but also half BELOW that age. How old are you? I have personally handed out critical illness cheques to people in their 40’s. So maybe it’s time to consider this type of insurance, especially if you have a job that you are dependent on for income (ummmm, that would be most of us) and because you can’t/shouldn’t ever be depending on your employer to take care of you in case of a disability or illness! (Yes, disability insurance is also important if you don’t have any!) This insurance also pays out TAX-FREE when you are diagnosed with cancer, heart attack, stroke, MS, etc! Trust me, the last thing you need is to be financially stressed when facing a critical illness! What will being financially stressed out do to your health and your road to recovery?

3. Organ & Tissue Donation Registry

My 9-month old 2nd cousin just received a new heart last week!! FREAKIN’ AMAZING and he’s bouncing around like no tomorrow! So this is something that has affected our family personally! Have you signed up? Did you know that Alberta (where I live) has the LOWEST sign-up rate? We have only 8% of Albertans have signed up on the Online Registry! (Now, there could be more with signed health care cards, but no one can track that and that’s because we used to have to sign the back of our health care cards, well, that really doesn’t mean too much when it gets lost or no one can find it when you are in a coma and it’s hiding in a file somewhere or under your bed, seriously!)

That’s why they now have ONLINE REGISTRY! Click here for Alberta’s registry or do a google search where you live! One organ and tissue donor can save up to 8 lives plus enhance the lives of 75 more people, such as sight or tissue, etc!

There are over 700 Albertans and 4500 Canadians on a transplant list! I signed up a month ago on the online system, and faxed in my form (with witness). Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know either!

4. Leaving a Legacy With Intention

What is it that you are here to create? What is it that will last long after you are gone? Big questions!

The truth here is this. You are dying and going to be leaving a legacy anyways, why not make it great!?

I just want you to think about that and what you want to leave behind. It’s important. My next book is all about this topic!

I believe it is important that each of us on this earth leave something behind that makes this world a better place, be it science, education, a cook book, donation to a school or hospital or organization, financial means, music, etc. – whatever it is that you came here to do, DO IT!


The greatest gift you can give yourself is the feeling of contribution and feeling proud of yourself!