There Is No Such Thing As ‘Wasting Money’

There is no such thing as Wasting Money

There really is no such thing as wasting money.

I want to share something with you today from someone I follow on Instagram, Amanda Frances.

She said it perfectly, so I don’t have to. 🙂

I so want you to get this, and really understand this.

It’s such an important part of understanding the energy of money.

She writes:

“It’s fully impossible to “waste” money.

I don’t even know what that would mean.

It’s possible to not honor money.

It’s possible to spend out of integrity.

But if you are fearing wasting money, you are not getting this:

Money is a renewable resource.


It will regenerate for you, in larger portions, over and over again…..

….once you decide that this is true for you.

Money does not have a mind of its own.

It can only respond to your energy thoughts and beliefs about money.”

Isn’t that brilliant?

You can’t waste money!

Money will teach you lessons.

Money will teach you lessons over and over again until you get them and you are ready to move on from them.

Same with all the lessons in your life that you are here to learn.

The things that will happen to you around money will happen to you because of your beliefs around money.

Sit with that for a minute.

This really forces something we sometimes really hate to admit to ourselves: that we created this.

That anything money related is really your responsibility to take.

The things that have happened and are happening to you and in your life around anything money or financial related will happen to you because of the beliefs you hold about money.

Isn’t that crazy?

Crazy bad for most of us… (the people who don’t understand this principle)


Crazy GOOD because we now have the power to create new purposeful beliefs about money.

Here are some beliefs that you may want to consider holding around money:

  • Money flows easily to me
  • My income/networth is increasing daily/monthly
  • Managing money is easy
  • Every dollar I spend comes back to me tenfold

If you have a hard time really believing any of these, simply add before the new belief, “I am on my way to believing that…..”


Now you have a cornucopia of new beliefs to set your mind to!

Get rid of:

  • Money is hard to make
  • Every investment I make turns out bad
  • We just seem to waste money
  • Money disappears as fast as it comes in
  • We don’t have enough

To name a very few!

Change the beliefs you have around money, have faith in the unseen, and know money is on its way to you and will stay with you.

Live Your Abundant Life.

Live Your Legacy.



PS. Did you know that almost every week I buy fresh flowers for my office & home? It’s the best spent money ever! Creating a beautiful clean environment to work in is worth its weight in GOLD! Plus, they cheer me up when life gets hard. Maybe there is something small you can buy to brighten your day & help support your beautiful soul in the work you are doing in the world! 🙂

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