Selling Yourself On Yourself

Selling Yourself on Yourself

This is it.

What I’ve learned about all of life can be boiled down to this:

You have to KEEP selling yourself on yourself every day.

You have to KEEP selling yourself your dreams.

You have to HAVE your own back, day-in and day-out.

You have to TALK yourself up and TALK yourself off the ledge.

You have to KEEP going even when it sucks, even when it feels like this whole “life” thing isn’t working out the way you planned.

You have to RECOGNIZE that there are REALLY, TRULY going to be more shitty days than good ones ESPECIALLY if you are on your way to achieving BIG goals you set for yourself, AND THEN still be okay when you know it’s all an uphill battle all the time.

Knowing the next battle is 5-minutes from now.

You have to KEEP re-iterating to yourself, over and over like a broken record, the plans, the goals, the dreams.



Sometimes minute by minute.

You have to FIND a way to bring to life the desires of your HEART everyday.

This is MINDSET. This is SOULSET. This is HEARTSET.

(This is when you need to read Robin Sharma’s newest book, 5AM CLUB!)

These are the keys to REALIZE that dream that for most of us will take years, if not decades to achieve.

Sure you don’t need to do any of this, and just coast through your average comfy-comfort zone life. (Then this blog isn’t for you. This is for the ones who know they are called to the BIG MISSION, the BIG DREAMS, THE IMPOSSIBLE.)

What are you building right now? Is it really worthy of your truest, highest self?

Ya… that’s a #micdrop if I ever heard one. #boom

Are you doing the work you were called to do?

It’s not glamorous.

It’s not even thrilling.

In fact, most of the time it’s emails, scheduling events and appointments and the crap work. It’s mind numbing.

The daily grind is the only place in the world where what feels like a billion little losses over time end up in EPIC WINS when you have your goal before you.

You have to BE PERSISTENT.

You can’t quit.

There’s only one way to become great.

The only way to do great things is to believe in your own bull-shit so passionately, that eventually it comes true.

Take the steps necessary when:

  • no one is watching
  • no one is looking
  • no one cares
  • no one will save you
  • no one is cheering you on
  • when the whole world is against you

Today is 200.

200 Weeks.

200 Blogs.

200,000+ Words.


Taking action on my dreams when:

  • No one is reading
  • No one is liking or hearting my posts
  • I sure don’t feel like it
  • I feel it’s not working
  • I feel it’s the biggest waste of time ever
  • I just want to cry (and cry I do…)

That is what I’m celebrating today.

200 weeks of doing the work.

Sometime C- work, sometimes A+ work.

Doesn’t matter.

I showed up.

I showed up for myself.

I did the work.

That’s all.

Keep doing the work when no one is watching.

That’s how you become great.

You have to learn that it’s nobody else’s job on the planet to make you happy.

You learn quickly it’s no one else’s job on the planet to save you.

No one is going to bail you out.

(And trust me, I so desperately want to be saved! I’m a Disney Princess at heart….)

It’s nobody else’s job on the planet to help you.

You have to help yourself.

You have to SELL yourself on that BIG ASS DREAM every bloody day. (And yes, they are messy days, maybe not blood, but sweat and tears for sure!)

And yes, it’s exhausting.

And yes, it’s not fun.

And yes, it down right sucks the life out of you.

(If your dream isn’t sucking the life out of you on some level, then maybe it’s not big enough, maybe you need to learn how to dream BIG….)

And yes, it can and will at times cause depression or illness and take you for everything you have.

But that’s only because it’s building you. It’s testing you.

Your vision, your dream, your goals.

They are testing to see if you are up for the job.

If you can handle the pressure.

The thing is this.

Compliments are nice.

We all want to hear them.

BUT THE GREAT will not fall for the compliments, as they will not fall for the negative words or criticisms – good, bad or ugly – it’s all just noise.

THE GREAT only listen to that still small voice inside them.

It will NEVER EVER let you down.

They are masters of blocking the rest of the noise out.

They continue on.

They know that it’s their job and only their job to see their vision through to the end.

That the whole way they view the world is up to them.

So, they become masters at selling themselves on themselves every moment.

They become masters of winking at themselves in the mirror and loving themselves and slapping their own ass.

They know that the world is a better place with them in it AND sharing their gifts IN FULL.

They are relentless.

They will not stop because you don’t like them.

They will not stop because of your opinions.

They will SUCCEED because they don’t quit.


xx Lisa

PS. CHEERS to my fans and readers who have literally been with me for these past 200 weeks as I endeavor to radically transform money mindset & financial education in our world. I’m so grateful that you read these words and I pray I add some encouragement and ASSet Kicking to your day, but above all, I truly hope you are out there living your legacy. Shine bright. xx

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