The Worst Day of Your Life

Warning: The content in this blog is hard to read, but well worth the read.

It’s the worst day of your life.

Your partner or your child just passed away.

Writing these words on this page stirs emotions, even thinking about this brings pain.

And here’s the question.

A serious question because now you are not only faced with grief, you are also faced with increased expenses and bills, perhaps the loss of a second income or a main income stream.

When faced with your worst case scenario, the question to ask yourself is this:

How much money do I need to feel OKAY to get through this, pay for everything, and grieve properly?

And what makes you feel OKAY financially and able to move forward?

What do you need to have COVERED to sleep at night and not be financially stressed out?

  • Your Mortgage and Debts Paid?
  • Final Expenses Paid/Funeral Costs?
  • Business Debt Paid?
  • Estate Tax Paid (Final Tax Return)?
  • Future Income Stream to Replace Loss of Income?
  • Future Education Needs for Children or Yourself?
  • Charity or Legacy Gifts to Share?

What about if your child passes away?

How much money will it take to grieve, pay for final expenses, maybe take time off work or pay for a family trip?

Ask your partner these questions as well to see how much insurance they would need on you.

It’s a hard conversation to have.

And yes, I’m telling you to adult and have this hard conversation at least ONCE.

I’m going to be on your case about this because I’ve personally delivered death benefits to MANY families in their hardest hour.

And also, because you will be grateful one day if this happens to you, and be grateful to the person who made you buy life insurance on your partner, parents, kids, grandkids.


The beautiful thing is this.

Spend 5 hours of your life completing a few simple things, such as your will and life insurance and then you can forget about it.

Then you can move forward with confidence knowing your family is taken care of and knowing you are taken care of.

Financial Support.

Don’t knock it.

Don’t say it’s only money.

It’s much more than that.

It’s a way to heal, a way to move forward, a way to show love.

That’s why you need life insurance on EVERY member of your family, regardless of age, regardless of net worth or income.

There’s something in leaving a loving legacy on your passing.

This is one way to do it.

This is how you….

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa

PS. If you or someone you know requires a quote or a review of their life insurance, please contact us at! We are FULL brokers of life insurance and are happy to help you out with this and see how this fits into your financial plan.