When Should You Quit?

When Should You Quit?

When should you quit?

When do you know it’s time to give up?

I’m going to be BRUTALLY honest with you right now.

I’m not liking life right now.


I’ve thought about quitting EVERYTHING everyday this year almost! That’s how bad it’s been. That’s how much I’ve been knocked down this year, and to be fair, for the last few years!

My life coach, who I’ve been working with for 7 years, had me FINALLY just scream. (Yes, I probably paid her for an hour of screaming and yelling and no doubt a few grunts!)

Let it all out.

(And I’m still very grateful and thankful for where I’m at, I’m just not liking the moment I’m in because I’m struggling to see if the direction I’m going is where I want to go to accomplish the BIG VISION I have.)

It’s been months, if not years of seeing VERY FEW results!

I mean in almost ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE.

For my iWatch fans, I’m on day 155 of closing all my rings – meaning I’ve worked out for the last 155 days.


I’ve journaled almost everything that’s gone in my mouth.

And barely shifted the scale – on most days, it’s even gone up!




Having on PAPER the best year ever has been MY WORST YEAR EVER.

Too many things going on – and I’m stressed 24/7.

BUT here’s the question.

When do you know it’s time to quit?

When do you feel like burnout is taking over?

Maybe it’s not the right question to be asking.

Maybe it’s more about the quality of the questions we ask ourselves that get us to the results we want.

I’m really in the midst of the mess of these GRANDEUR goals I’ve set for myself.

I have 2 choices.

Give Up.

Claim burnout and say it was too hard.


Press On.

Press Forward.

SUCK UP THE crappy days.

Here’s what I want to leave you with.

Going after BIG DREAMS is NOT all glorious.

It down right sucks.

But I’ll tell you what’s worse….

Staying Average.

Staying Normal.

Staying “The STATUS QUO” will never get you GREAT.

You can have a good life.

But as we know, good is the opposite of GREAT.

I live a good life.

I have a beautiful home in a stunning neighbourhood, 2 beautiful SMART kids, some AMAZING people to help me with my life, a BIG EXTENDED family – that’s almost too big (although I love each and every one of my cousins and aunts & uncles from all 4 sides of the family), a growing business and I’m SUPER healthy.

My life on the outside to viewers is probably pretty great.

I should probably just sit back and enjoy life.

But that was never the goal.

In fact, for those of us stuck here in Middle America with cushy Netflix-&-Wine lives that we live, do you really think this is what ALL THOSE who went before us wanted for us? To sit back and work some job, watch Netflix and sports and then maybe travel a bit and retire till the clock runs out?

I just am saying to you, to me, and to all who know they were built for something greater – to my soul sisters & my soul brothers who want to build empires and change lives and make this world a better place – it’s going to suck way more than 50% of the time.

Plus, time will go on anyway.

You may as well do something great with that time, even if it takes you 25 years to accomplish something GREAT.

(Okay, this is my kick-in-the-butt today as I’m not happy with my results thus far, but I’m building something GREAT – so I’ll keep going.)

Going after something greater when you already have a good life pushes you right out of your good comfy life and into unknown territory.

This unknown territory is not socially acceptable by the bulk of the people.

Going after something great means you start to turn down more dinner parties, girls-nights-out, trips and family events.

People start labeling you.

It’s funny how people always want what you have but don’t want to do the work for it.

Hence LOTTO sales.

That’s why there’s average.

That’s why there’s normal.

That’s why there’s an average salary of $85,000 a year.

That’s what most people strive for or better yet SUCCUMB to AVERAGE.

I dare you to deal with the blows, the garbage, the business-dealings-gone-bad, the investments-gone-bad, for the greater goal, your BIG VISION.

I dare you to be GREAT.

I double dare you to not quit.

To go all in.

To have your own back – because the world WILL NOT HAVE YOUR BACK.

(Side note: I think my optimism in life sometimes doesn’t serve me well because I still believe people are amazing and will always have my back – not that I believe we don’t support each other, it’s just more of a fact that I’ve learned you have to have your back a million times more than you think anyone will have it for you – you get my drift.)

To create something AMAZING.

To renew your vision everyday with FRESH EYES.

You must.

The average won’t do this.

But you were called to do this.

You were called NOT TO QUIT on the BIG VISION.

It’s pushing at you and causing you anxiety when you don’t go all in on your dream.

You can let the little things go and make course corrections along your journey, but you don’t quit on the BIG GOAL (This includes your MONEY goals!)

So, you may have to let out a few screams, cry and make other people unhappy (again, not your problem) because you are now choosing something that is uncomfortable for them and for you – something new.

Well, so be it.

When should you quit on those big dreams, the purpose work?



Because your soul knows when you are giving up and giving in and quitting on your purpose work.

The hardest thing to do is honour your soul above all else.

Above all else.


You were made for more.

You were made to…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa

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