Well Meaning Words NOT FOR YOU

A warning…

for your soul – if you will.

Be very careful little ears what you hear.

That’s a song I sung in Sunday School as a young child and well for many years, I honestly thought that song was a little ridiculous in my teenage years.

However, this whole be careful what you say, hear, see has so much more meaning in my life today – mostly because I realize how powerful all the words are that we say, hear or read and all that gets absorbed into our conscious and sub-conscious mind and how that affects the life we dream of living.

But this lovely blog is about what you are hearing, and really meant for the seekers – the lovely souls who are already on a, let’s call it – personal development path – for lack of a better word.

The seekers are usually the people that would read a blog like this.

The people who want to get better at all the things – in all the areas.

The seekers.



And this message comes really as a reminder…

Let me tell you my story in hopes that it will help you out when you find yourself, your soul, in these interesting times of figuring out life and stages of growth (which we are always in – let’s not kid ourselves here – there’s always the next lesson to learn!)

I have VARIOUS coaches.

I read more self-help, self-development, business books than most fortune 500 CEO’s in a year (which is over 60 books a year in case you were wondering the stats on that..) – not to mention having written one myself 🙂

I have paid thousands, if not tens of thousands, over the years for various coaching, programs, self-help events – you name it.

I have a very tight handful of mentors that I allow to speak into my life.

Okay, so you get the picture. I am a seeker.

Mostly of the truth and what is true for me right now in hopes of growing and to realize my full-potential and self-actualization, blah, blah.

So, I have people speaking into my life ALL THE TIME.

Not just paid coaches, or mentors, but also friends and family.

Oh, and church!

You can see how this is starting to get a little full in my brain.

A dear friend who I deeply respect and consider a mentor in my business and VERY successful, said to me over lunch one day that, in regards to a business matter, that I was not respecting myself in this matter.

I took the words and pondered them for the rest of the afternoon after our lunch.

I came out of it with total disagreement that I was not disrespecting myself in relation to the business matter at hand.

But it took me a few hours to really dig deep and soul search.

Call on my higher self or God, if you will.

I had to ask if this really was what was holding me back.

Turns out it wasn’t.

I actually respect myself in business very much.

The point of this story is this and a very important point:

I have dear friends, loving family members, business mentors, industry mentors, coaches, pastors, podcasts, well-meaning humans only wanting to help and they will FREELY speak into your life – especially if you are a SEEKER, because you want to get all the information you can get your hands on.

Sometimes they will hit the nail on the head.

HOWEVER, most of the time they will not.

Many times they will be mentoring you in areas in which they need help.

They will be mirroring back what their soul requires.

Many times.

And sometimes they’ll just be throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

The bottom line is that you have to have discernment.

Discernment for all the well-meaning words and advice thrown at you.

God gave you a brain for discernment for a reason.

The buck has to stop with you.

You are your own GURU.


Not all of the messages are meant for you.

Sometimes they are wolves in sheep’s clothing from well-meaning people that love us.

Your soul knows what it is that you have to deal with, what your next steps are and if what someone else is calling you out on is BS or not.

This hasn’t happened once in my life, this has happened MANY TIMES since I was 16. I could write a book!

People trying to give helpful advice that TOTALLY ISN’T ALIGNED with you or what your purpose or what your soul’s work is here to do.

So, do your soul a favour.

Don’t just listen and assume everyone around you knows better than you.

They don’t.

They actually never will.

You give away your power when you don’t take time to tune into your own soul and you end up like a boat being tossed aimlessly in the sea storm of life.

Honey, you ain’t going to get to your final destination when you are always taking in what every Tom, Dick & Harry has to say about your life.

Sorry, Tom. 🙂

My dad’s name is Tom, so that old saying is kinda funny and kinda true! (But I love my dad to the moon and back and totally do at least consider his words to me – not that they are always right!)

Also, this whole topic goes for the people pleasers who naturally want to make everyone happy so they take what everyone says as grains of truth – but let me tell you that your brain will explode with all that “fake truth!”

The truth about where you are at on your journey and what lessons you are learning and going through are SPECIFIC TO YOU and to your soul.

Take the time to ponder the words someone says to you.

Especially the loving pieces of advice.

You don’t need to accept them.

You don’t have to tell the person you didn’t like what they had to say.

You can just have a pact with yourself that those words of wisdom are not for you at this moment, at this time in your life.

And that’s that.

You know you best, so hold that in high confidence.

Confidence is needed here to search the soul – or TRUSTING is another word for that.

Trust your higher self. (Also, your gut – part & parcel of your soul!)

Trust it knows the best for you and how to move forward and do all those wonderful things you were meant to do here.

Take the time to drop into what you KNOW is true for you.

Tune out the noise in this noisy world.

That’s how you…

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa