How to Break Survival

How To Break Survival

Here’s another way to look at it.



The World.

And by that I really mean….


It can be broken into 2 categories.

Survival and LIFE.

Survival is not yet having developed the faith that you are going to be taken care of – that all your basic needs (& beyond) will be met.

LIFE, on the other hand, is that beautiful space you get to live in once you know that all your basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, water, etc.) have been met, and have been met with abundance.

Keep in mind these are both mindsets.

MOST of the world, regardless of how much money they actually have (TRUE STORY), live in survival.

People live with fear each day that they do not know they will have enough to eat, a warm, safe place to sleep.

Or that all that they’ve worked for will be taken away from them, leaving them without food, clothing, and shelter – not to mention, they are scared about:

  • losing jobs
  • losing lovers
  • losing people to death
  • losing their house
  • losing their health
  • losing their clients
  • losing, losing, losing


The few that have laid to rest this entire conundrum of what shall we eat, wear or where shall we sleep – those that look beyond, get to discover FREE & CLEAR, DEEP, UNRESTRICTED JOY.

All can experience joy – but joy laden with worry undertones isn’t exactly what joy was meant to be – that’s called a nervous laugh.

Wasn’t it someone wise that once said (and I paraphrase), “You are spending your life worrying about what to eat or drink or what you should wear.” and then goes on to say, “O, you of little faith….”

Ummmm, ROCKED it.

Literally, Jesus drove that message home.

It’s all about faith – faith being all about mindset – all about belief.

It’s not about staying in the mindset of WORRY.

We haven’t cultivated our mindset for LIFE because we are so stuck in the mindset of survival.

This is where MOST people are.

I’ve been there.


Anxiety – ALL THE TIME.

Depression – I’m sure it’s walking around with a T-shirt on that has my name on it!

We’ve ALL been there.

This isn’t something unique to only a few (although, I’m sure some would like to think that.)

This is part of our human experience.





That once you find your freedom – LIFE begins.

LIFE happens.

Freedom from survival can only happen within you.

Freedom from survival is not something you will find out in the world.

Not all the trips, travels, money, private jets, lovers, friends, food, clothing or yoga trips on the PLANET will bring you freedom.

You essentially free yourself.

You tune in.

You connect to the highest source.

Peace floods your thoughts.

Survival is not an option anymore.

Enough is enough.

You’ve had enough living in the crumby-cracked apartment survival has you pinned in.

You are ready to break free from your own prison.

The crazy thing is the key was in front of you all the time.

You didn’t think it was available for you.

But it’s always been available.

A tacit agreement between you and your soul.

Waiting for you to take the key of the jail you put yourself in and unlock it.

The key takes you from survival to LIFE.

What does LIFE have to offer you?

Deep Peace.

Deep Knowing.

Deep Love.

Deep Joy.

So, you’re thinking this post is about how to go from SURVIVAL to LIFE.

But it’s not.

It’s actually a reminder for those who keep wavering between survival mode and LIFE mode – for those who KNOW.

It’s like once you’ve tasted the milk, honey, chocolate or wine, you never want to go back.

Once you’ve tasted the good LIFE, you really do never want to go back.

But we do.

I do.

We fall back.

Old patterns.

Wanting to sabotage anything good that we deserve and yet, so deeply feel we do not.

What’s keeping us in a pattern flailing between survival and LIFE is our energy choices.

We are still choosing to come down to the masses, instead of lift them up.

We are still not choosing to stand in our power and stand up for what it is our soul is meant to do.

We are still not listening to the deepest parts of our souls, screaming at us to do, to LIVE the LIFE we are called to.

And it’s easy not to hear, I mean with all the things – the driving kids around, the noise from our devices, our bosses calling, society practically yelling at us to BE a certain way or act a certain way – no wonder life is not worth living so much of the time.

We’ve crushed our own dreams, our own desires.

Yes, I know it. I say it from experience.

Regena Thomashauer says it like this, especially for us women, “Repressed radiance turns into anger. Because we don’t have an external outlet where we can express it, we turn that anger towards ourselves – where it settles in as depression and sadness.”

Word, Regena!

We are practically being yelled at for not complying with the rest of the world, as we keep resisting the calling for our lives.

Who wants to live a life where they feel they are yelled at? Unheard? Dismissed?

Yet, we do this to ourselves.

Of course we have the highest rates of depression on this planet.


The work that God himself placed you here on the earth to do.

The work you’re not doing for whatever reason you’ve created in your head.

The ‘you-are-not-good-enough’ story in some shape or form.

But you get what I’m saying.

Your soul is nodding yes right now.

You know where your chaotic energy, your depression, your anxiety, etc. is coming from.

It’s because you are simply denying yourself the desires of your soul.

You keep denying the soul’s work.

It’s dangerous to do so – but I don’t have to tell you that.

You like living dangerously.

You know one day you’ll figure it out and be the hero of your story.

Meanwhile, you also know too well that this – not living your soul’s purpose – is actually what’s causing ALL the grief in your life right now.

From the bad skin, to the illness, to the fighting, to no money in your bank account.

There’s something you need to let go of.

There’s something you keep resisting that keeps persisting.

There’s something you need to build faith around.

There’s something calling you to LIFE but you keep choosing survival.

Don’t make this harder than it really is.

Because it’s not hard.

It’s just a choice.

A choice to…..

Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa



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