The Shopping Shift

Today, it’s time to get down and dirty (not too dirty) with me and we are going to do a shopping exercise – YAY!!!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab your fav journal.
  2. Make a list called “Short Term Saving Ideas” and brainstorm 5-10 items you would love to splurge on but normally wouldn’t because you “feel” they are just slightly too rich for your blood.
  3. Next, I want you to choose one item that really stands out that gives you happy tingles all over just thinking about it and you can visualize yourself wearing/using.
  4. Turn the page and on the next page, write down your desired purchase at the top.
  5. Underneath it, write the price.
  6. Next, you are going to take the price and divide it by 10.  Then write that number down below the price and write ‘days’ beside it. This is how many days it will take you to accomplish this goal.
  7. Then, I want you to set up a place to stash cash. This could be a piggy, envelope, old wallet, whatever suits your fancy.
  8. Once a week, I want you to go to the ATM and pull out $70 ($10 per day – more if you like) and put it in your chosen cash stash.
  9. Once you have saved up all the cash, it’s time to go SHOPPING!!!  WOO-HOO!
  10. Notice how good it feels to pay cash and treat yourself to something awesome!

So what’s really the point of this exercise?

First, it’s to feel the cash in your hands because no one really uses cash anymore and when they do they are more aware of what they are spending and what items actually cost to buy, instead of mindless spending.

Secondly, it gets you to take one easy step into the world of abundance, and to put behind you the world of scarcity. You need to know whatever item you choose you deserve and the universe wants to give it to you and you are worthy of getting it. There is so much more out there than we will ever need, and this exercise is a way to expand your thinking into allowing you to experience something wonderful.

Wanna take abundance to a whole new level? Try this.

If you want to feel abundant and create that internal money shift, why not take $1000 cash out of your account and carry it in your wallet all the time. It will change your mindset. If you “feel” poor, you are most likely attracting scarcity to your life. If $1000 is too much, start with $100 and walk around with it all week. Then slowly increase this amount over time. Don’t spent this money. It’s there to create a shift for you.

BOTTOM LINE: Try cash if you want to get rid of mindless spending – you may just find you spend less. Try a short term savings goals to treat yourself to something that puts major pep in your step. Keep cash in your wallet to help shift to an abundant mindset. <3