Point of Attraction

Yesterday, I had my best wake surf ever!

I even did a little dance on the surf board.

Dancing & Surfing.


I’m so proud of myself for always being willing & open minded to try new things and push myself to do the uncomfortable – knowing full well that wiping out (literally) is a REAL possibility.

There is no better feeling than being proud of yourself.

I know I talk about this a lot – all we are really chasing at the end of the day is feelings, good feelings: LOVE, HAPPY, PROUD, ABUNDANT, JOY.

Let’s be clear here, sometimes being proud of ourselves comes easy, but definitely not all the time.

One area I struggle with is MONEY! Shocking right?!?

I’m so hard on myself for not being where I want to be financially.

Can you relate?

Or relate to not being proud of yourself in one key area of your life – such as your health, relationships, etc??

And so what do you think happens when we are hard on ourselves about where we ‘should’ be?

Yes, you know the answer.

We draw more of that to ourselves.

Law of Attraction attracts more of the un-love, the hating of ourselves, the shame, guilt, lack, and scarcity – it all comes back to us in droves and digs the vicious cycle deeper.

Been there.

Done that.

Have a closet full of the T-shirts.

So how do we pivot to create what we really want in life?

The only way to attract what you want more of is to change your point of attraction.

  • Feeling broke or worried about money? Start counting your assets & all that you’ve been blessed with!
  • Want more love in your life? Start loving on all the people that cross your path – like crazy!
  • Want a new relationship? Start loving yourself like crazy. (No one wants a needy partner!)
  • Ready to release the excess weight or want your health back? Start to see yourself as the person you’re on your way to becoming!
  • Want your partner/spouse to shape up or ship out? Then BE the FIRST to LOVE them like crazy!
  • Want to be an author, artist, famous, successful, politician? BE THAT NOW – embrace it now.

See, most people have it wrong.

They think they need to DO to HAVE and then BECOME.

But in reality, you need to declare and BE (& become) first on the inside so it can begin to radiate out of you, then you will DO the work to HAVE what you really want.

Mindset is everything – and that is how the law of attraction really works.

So the feelings you are chasing – LOVE, PROUD, JOY, ABUNDANT, HAPPY…..

Find that in yourself first – and more of it shall be given to you.

I will repeat.


It shall be given to you in ABUNDANCE.




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