The Masculine and Feminine Sides of Money

The Masculine and Feminine Sides of Money

This is the balance you are so desperately trying to seek with your money!

For most of us there is a pull and a push around our money. 

The trick is to learn to dance in that money flow and acknowledge the masculine and feminine sides of money!

Let’s start with energy.

That’s where everything has its beginning anyways!

There are the 2 opposing forces.

The masculine and feminine – for lack of better words, but we can relate to this energy.

(You’ll have to note, this does not necessarily mean man or woman however, there are certain characteristics that tend to relate more to men or women in general terms.)

I want to explain what it means to allow the beautiful dance between these opposing energies to exist in harmony in your business or in your life.

The masculine energy is there to be supportive of the feminine energy.

Both energies are of equal importance, you will need to harvest the energies from both sides, albeit, at different times one will be more prevalent than the other.

There will be a pull.

A back and forth.

A dance.

A dance between the two worlds.

But this is how you grow.

This is how you build upon what was there.

This is how you create momentum.

It’s like dancing practice.

Soon, you know exactly what steps need to be taken and at the right time – so you can create your masterpiece – or in this case – accomplish all your desires.

Masculine energy is the support you need.

Masculine energy is the foundation.

The structure you need in place to build.

It’s the systems.

The masculine comes off as a strong energy.

But it’s needed to support the whimsical, wild, creative side of the feminine.

Feminine energy is the creative, the intuition – the FLOW side of business, life, money, when you feel in total alignment with what you are doing and you are making money (or deriving an income!) doing exactly what you are called to be doing.

Do you get what I’m putting down?

Without masculine support systems in place, feminine energy will not be able to support itself.

The feminine energy needs to find refuge in times of rest in the masculine.

The masculine is the protector.

The feminine is the artist, the creator, the divine intuition and the speaker to what is possible.

So what does that mean for your business?

What does that mean for your money?

If you want to really take your business, your money and your life to the next level, we need to incorporate both sides of this into your business.

You need to have the systems, structure and foundation in place first.

Then you can build in the sales, the creative, the expansion.

And it is a dance.

There are many times in business when your systems need to be checked and tweaked, and other times you can bask in the flow of everything working exactly as you imagined.

Usually, we have one energy side, either the masculine or feminine, that is really overpowering our business or life in one way or another.

So we have to figure out which energy is dominant in order to allow the other energy to come forth and balance out.

We need both to shine!

You will need both the masculine and feminine energies doing their roles in creating and manifestin your dreams into reality.

Just something to think about if you are “stuck” right now.

It’s usually because you need to invite the opposing energy into your life.

Maybe it means have more fun?

Maybe it means create more structure?

Being aware of the feminine and masculine sides of energy will surely help you create the life you want and the money you want!

This is just another piece of the puzzle you need to….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa