Making The Impossible Possible

Life doesn’t go as planned.

I sit down to write this week’s blog and just got a bleeding nose. So here’s to typing with one hand, which will make me crazy! I haven’t had a bleeding nose in years! This is random and so perfectly perfect for what I wanted to say to you today.

Last week, I told a group of women that financial planning was total bullsh*t!

It’s true! We make all these plans and things rarely go to plan!

In fact, sometimes they are better than we planned, sometimes worse, and sometimes so random out of left field we don’t know whether to make heads or tails of it!

But here’s the thing, even though we know things really never go to plan, we still need to plan!

I’m in Vancouver right now. Doing some planning.

I like to take this week alone every year when my kids are at summer camp, a week to hide away at my sister’s place in Vancouver, and plan.

And I’m SO excited to be here alone and left with my thoughts.

And scared.

After all, spending 24 hours in a 650 sq. ft. room, alone, in a different city, makes me almost want to crawl out of my skin. I want to talk to people and defer and procrastinate to what’s really going on, and put off what I really need to do, which is tune into myself and to some planning and course adjustments – so of course, I stay on course! 🙂

A big part of planning means tuning into myself, to take the time to love myself again, and fall in love with ME again.

Quietly. Thoughtfully. Purposefully.

I think I get stuck too in the “What’s the point of all of this if we are just going to die anyways?”

Why plan?

The point is in the journey. The lessons learned. It’s in making the impossible possible. It’s in showing others it can be done.



Accomplishing the goals and dreams.

I celebrated with one of my clients last week who hit over $1,000,000 in their portfolio. This was a huge celebration for my client. Showing people it can be done!

Anything is possible.

Make the impossible possible by planning.

It won’t be easy.

But it will be life changing and have an impact on not just you, but your world around you.

Sit down, create the space around you, take a few deep breaths and



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