Follow Your Own Advice

Follow Your Own Advice Blog

I’m so over it!

The advice.

All the advice.

Don’t tell me what to do unless you want to be standing behind the buck when it decides to kick up its feet!

And it’s not your usual suspects – like

It’s really the well meaning people of your life.

When can ANYONE on the planet really know whats good for you?

It’s always, as it always has been, up to you to actually learn to tune into your higher self – your intuition – and follow it.

The problem I believe is 2 fold:

One) That we have no time to tune in and actually hear ourselves think


B) That when we do get the nudges of intuition from our higher self we don’t TRUST them

The first problemo UNO, is probably where 90% of people actually fall into.

I’m too busy.

Lamest excuse ever.

I will say that it really isn’t that most people are busy, most people could make time – have the time.

I think it’s way bigger than that.

I would say most people don’t want to look in the mirror.

The fear of facing themselves is too great, so they sit with Candy Crush or watch the news – ANYTHING to not actually have to look inside and actually admit what’s going on in their world.

They are like this 24/7.

Creating some noise in their head so they don’t actually have to quiet down and think for a few minutes a day (which is really all it would take to tune in!)

The hardest thing you will ever have to do is unveil your true self to your true self and then deal with the fall out:

forgiveness, knowing you are worthy, loving yourself.

Most people don’t.

NEVER be “most people”.

It’s a rotten way to be.

Then comes B.

You do actually begin to tune in, pray, meditate, QUIET your mind, body & soul to ALLOW whatever messages need to come through you and then…..


You get the download!

The GREAT idea!




But what if…..

I can’t…..

MONKEY MIND goes nuts.

Brain totally talks you out of your *brilliant* truth – which you actually know is your truth, the next step you are to take – but don’t!

You go into the biggest resistance of your life.

Faking that all is okay, meanwhile you are just placating your soul with Netflix, 1990’s Meg Ryan movies because if you could just go back there, life could be, would be different……..

Then for what you KNEW was your truth, the answer you were seeking is now a few weeks behind you.

You made it so damn hard on yourself for what?

Fear – being scared to actually step out and have your back on whatever it was that you were so desperately looking for.

Your soul handed you the keys to the kingdom of WHATEVER YOUR dreams were and you basically threw them right back at her.

Oh boy….

And you wonder why we are in the place that we are?

The place where society doesn’t seem to trust anyone?

It’s no wonder, considering we can’t even trust ourselves – we don’t even have our own back….

I made a huge decision last week.

BUT… I knew ONE YEAR AGO to make this decision, and didn’t.

I was always wanting everyone and their dog’s opinion.

I got it.

Every opinion I ever wanted.

I got them all.

The “Yes”, the “No” and everything in between.

The problem when you go looking for advice and OPO (other people’s opinions) is that you will get HIGH on OPO!

But which HUMAN do you trust more with their opinion?

I mean after all, they ALL make a strong case for whatever it is that you are deciding.


This is where the real damage is done my friends.

  • In the place of in-action.
  • In the place of lull.
  • In the place of waiting on others.
  • In the place of pause.
  • In the place of procrastination.

Don’t be in that place. I’ve seen some people stay there forever!

One day….

one day is today….

One Day Is Today….


Have your own back means to really put yourself first!

Tune in and just bite the bullet and go for what it is that your higher self is leading you too!

Don’t look back.

This is NOT their journey – it’s yours.

Walk your walk.

Talk your talk.

Do YOU because only you do you best!

Follow your own advice

and don’t forget to….

Live Your Legacy!



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