Getting Complete With 2020

Completion is such a beautiful thing.

To be complete with something means that it is finished, that there are no extras laying around, no little tid-bits left hanging out and it really truly allows for closure.

When you are complete with something: a job, a client, a realtionship, 2020, then you get to create a blank slate – with no left over markings on it – and create again, NEW, from that place of nothingness.

That is what being complete is all about.

You can complete a marriage or romantic partnership, and yet, stay in the same relationship but change the terms of it. {Being complete doesn’t necessarily meaning cutting people out.}

You can complete a contract and deem it to be over and then start a new contract – with your employer, with your clients, with your jobs.

You get to choose and live in the place of being COMPLETE.

You also get to do this with yourself.

You get to be complete with the “old you” and start a “new you”.

You get to be complete with your thoughts that didn’t serve you, and then create new thoughts to believe into.

Being complete is magical!

Completing areas of your life will provide you with MIRACLES!


Because the process of completion clears away the old energy that you are holding on to.

I want to liken COMPLETENESS to this:

When you are complete, your energy field is clear.

You are like stainless steel – nothing can stick to you, things/circumstances slide right off of you and have nowhere to attach themselves to.

When you are INCOMPLETE, when you have lots of unfinished business, unfinished energy business, lots of balls hanging in the air –

You are like Velcro. Everything will stick to your energy field.

The good, the bad, the ugly and it sticks and doesn’t easily dissappear, in fact, it grows, gets uglier and you end up attracting more ugly energy balls to your Velcro self.

This is why you need to get COMPLETE.

This is why this is a decision and a decision you have to make and a decision ONLY you can make.

This is something you can only discover for yourself.

Life is better when nothing can ‘stick’ to your energy field and you can let it flow through you and not fester in your Velcro thoughts.

I had an energy healer explain it in this way.

She was referring to 2020 and how it is sticking to so many people who have not done ‘the work’.

It’s easy to identify if you have done ‘the work’ on yourself or not.

How are you coping with 2020?

Are you allowing things to slide off your energy field fairly quickly or are they staying around and flaring up?

How does this look for your money?

There are probably a LOT of areas with your money that you are not complete with.

Where are you feeling INCOMPLETE with regards to your finances?

  • Have you incomplete financial goals?
  • Have you not held integrity with your savings goals?
  • Have you a financial to-do list that has been sitting incomplete for a while?
  • Incomplete bills that need to be paid?
  • Incomplete taxes that need to be filed or paid?
  • Do you have an incomplete will or estate plan?
  • Do you have investment research or financial reviews that you’ve been putting off and are incomplete?
  • A financial appointment to book that you’ve been meaning to, which leaves you…. incomplete?

This is your chance to get complete with all the things you left incomplete.


This is your CHANCE! New Slate 2021 is calling your name to get complete!

If you are experiencing flare ups in your life, the energy is stuck, and you feel like you are a walking Velcro target for all things bad to happen to you, then you need to take time and get complete.

One by one, take the energy balls that aren’t aligning with the life you desire and COMPLETE them.

Thank them for their service and say GOOD-BYE!

Also, tell them they are not welcome in your life again!

This is choice. This is a decision to not lower yourself to that lower vibrational energy field again!

This doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen to you, but it does mean you will react differently next time they do and you will be able to move through the negative energy and back into the good vibes quick QUICK!

After all, that is the goal of this.

It’s being able to shift to the desired energy, desired feelings as fast as possible.

That is how you become a magnet for attracting exactly what you want into your life.

So get complete.

GET COMPLETE with the energy that no longer serves you.

GET COMPLETE with the thoughts that no longer serve you.

GET COMPLETE with the feelings that no longer serve you.

Detangle the energy balls from your Velro and send them back where they came from.

Become smooth as silk, strong as stainless steel and don’t allow those little energy sucks to stick to you!


This is how you….

Live Your Legacy!

xx Lisa