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For The Leaders Who Want To Change The World

For The Leaders Who Want To Change The World

This is a message for the CREATIVES & LEADERS only.

People are going to tell you what to do – ALL DAY LONG.

You can’t stop this.

Recently, I’ve been told, sometimes by well-meaning friends, family members and other times by acquaintances and even then sometimes by strangers, on:

  • how I should run my business
  • how I should write
  • how I should look
  • how I should do my hair
  • how I should get new clients
  • how I should market
  • what I should or shouldn’t say

People literally DM or PM me on various social platforms, just wanting to share their opinions about my content! People I’ve never met email me and tell me what I should or shouldn’t say! I even had an 80-year-old lady phone me (who lives in another country) tell me I’m on holidays too much! WHAT?!?!?!

(CUE: Kacey Musgraves song “Follow Your Arrow” or “Cup of Tea“)

You can probably relate if you are consistently throwing yourself out there with your art – in whatever form.

So, this is a message for you – my soul clients, my soul sisters, the creatives, the leaders, the people who seriously what to make a change in this world….


or at least in your brain, your thoughts.

Do you honestly think a true LEADER takes every opinion thrown at him/her?

No, he/she has a few – very few – selected TRUSTED advisers.

He/She tunes out the crowd, the nay-sayers, the “well-wishers”, the “good intentions”!

Think of any leader you know – do you think they go around asking for the opinions of everyone around them?

NO! They take a stand for what they believe in, and what they are doing, and GO FOR IT!

Here’s the thing, if I want to make change happen, I can’t be someone who takes an opinion just to make one person happy.

It keeps ME small.

It keeps me from creating and putting my work out into the world.

It keeps me stuck in people pleaser mode.

That’s what happens when you take OPO (other peoples opinions).

It becomes a drug.

You need to ask everyone what they think about your content, your business, your hair, your logo.

You need the approval of others to even function – its kinda like Facebook likes or Insta love hearts.

Guess what?

I usually ask about 2 people – who I trust and mentor with – about my content, and only about 1% of the time.

This may actually shock you – but I publish my content around 6am on a Tuesday morning and NO ONE proof reads it (I know you are horrified right now – GET THE GRAMMAR POLICE – oh, and those people always seem to PM me too!), no one reads it, no one gives me their opinions on how it sucks or how it’s good – because I REALLY DON’T CARE, in a nice way.  (Also, no one seems to be awake when I’m writing at 4:30am!)

Do you get it yet?

There’s a reason its called art.

It flows from you.

The song, the script, the writing, the sculpture, the meal, the invention, the software, the content you create.

If it’s any good – it will have come “through you”.

And when it comes through you “in spirit” then it’s PERFECT.

No need to challenge the FLOW.

No need to question everything that flows from you.

That’s like questioning GOD and saying His work isn’t good enough!

Are you really going to challenge that?

The other thing, is that the people who have the guts to actually comment about my writing or content, in general terms, haven’t even picked up a pen or done a consistent job with the clicking of the keys.

Isn’t that always the case?

It’s like the people who give parenting advice and don’t have kids.

Don’t get me started.

But this isn’t about THOSE PEOPLE – because, let’s face it –


This is about you.

This is about me.

This is about the 1% of us humans who so badly have a message, art, MASSIVE amounts of LOVE they want to share with this world.

The second you begin to question yourself, your intentions, your goals – you get swayed, you get pulled away from your art!

You go from a place of strength to a place of weakness, only because you have allowed your intentions to be thwarted.

Your rope of integrity with yourself became frayed.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying be a jerk – I am however saying you need to be DILIGENT in tuning the crowd out – and guess what?!

99.99% of the people are the crowd.

Get specific on a few trusted advisers that you would literally follow off a bridge, and let the rest of the voices go.

In fact, can I tell you a secret.

I used to be FULL of OPINIONS and probably even speak them! I can honestly say, as a person who was scared to publish a book a few years ago and write my truth every week, I no longer find the need to comment on stuff, unless asked – and even then, I’m not an expert on you – nor will I ever be, so who am I to tell you how to run your business, dress, do your hair, decorate your home, or live your life??

I try to stay quiet.

On purpose.

I don’t feel I have much to add in the way of those things anymore.

They’ve become noise to me. They’ve become gossip.

I just want to get down to business and serve my people with my art.

There’s no point hashing it out, there’s no point dwelling on stuff you can’t change.

(Tell that to anyone who watches the news!)

It’s wasting my time.

I don’t take lightly to wasting my time and doing things out of alignment for me (such as watching the news!)

That’s wasting my MOST precious commodity – time.

So, yes, once again – I commit to my art above all.

Draw the line in the sand – knowing many people will comment, many people may not like me – AND THAT’S OKAY!

At the end of the day, you don’t have to answer to them.

And so I create a quote you can quote me on:

Don’t be like dust and settle for the opinions of others. – Lisa Elle

Figure out who you have to answer to within, and then with all your might, strength and power – go forward, a leader in your art.

And today, that means….

Live Your Legacy!



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The Rainbow Sprinkle

June 23, 2015 in New York City at the Kingside, I hit publish on my business, website, a blog and a vision.


A vision so big I want to curse God most of the time.

And I do.

I’m also secretly grateful He bestowed this desire and dream on my life.

Magically or not so magically, He gave me all the tools and gifts to be able to see this ridiculously big vision into reality.

As long as I STICK WITH IT.

As much as I want to celebrate my first 3 years in business, I want to be soooooo real with you about what these first 3 years have entailed.

I can see why 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.

I don’t think they fail per se.

I think people just get tired of holding their dream up day in and day out, trying to get others on board with their vision, so they throw in the towel, opt for the easier road.

And I don’t blame them one bit!

It’s exhausting. It causes health problems. It causes relationship stress.

Then thoughts like, “How should I market?”, “Do I take on investors?”, “Oh crap – we just lost a client” ……..

ADD TO THAT….. “Does anyone even read my blog/book?” “Am I making a difference?” “Where the F*** DID ALL MY MONEY GO?” (Actually, I do know down to the penny where it went, but it’s still a legit rhetorical question that somehow you ask even when you know the answer.)


Every time I’m sitting beside a client who has a beautiful desk job and a steady salary of $200,000 or more, I’m immediately jealous.

The thought of a steady paycheck sounds amazing.

Like water to my thirsty soul.

Especially for a Financial Planner who LOVES stability and being able to plan!

The thought of not having to give that paycheck to Clickfunnels, go-daddy, MANY online programs/tools, publishers, my amazing assistant, office rent, printer ink, and buying my own stapler (versus stealing it from the corporate office like they do in the movies), errors and omissions insurance and various other expenses that I sometimes feel suck me dry, sounds like a dream.

I want a month off.

I want a month off from all my business expenses.

But you don’t get that as a business owner. You just don’t.

It’s kinda like parenting.

(Cause I also want a month break from all of my Kid’s expenses.)

It doesn’t end.

And pulling the plug on your business usually only happens after you’ve exhausted all other avenues.

Not that that is happening to me, however, I get it.

Some months have been COMPLETE SH*T!

Okay – wait, if I’m being honest, most months.

My brain goes there at least once a month, “Okay, if I needed to wrap everything up, how fast could I do it.”

The answer: less than 30 days.

Just quit and be a stay at home mom or better yet, get a good paying j-o-b. (The dreaded word for all self-employed business owners!)

But HERE is the thing.

YOU CAN QUIT the thing that isn’t right for you.

In fact, if that business, relationship, lifestyle isn’t working for you, then quit.

I fully support you.

HOWEVER, once you do get the CURSE of actually knowing what you are here to do on this earth, THERE IS NO QUIT.

You can’t hide from something that you’ve been called to do.

You can try, but it will come back and haunt you until you step up.

Your dreams & desires SPEAK LOUDLY to your soul that it takes more energy avoiding them than it is just accepting that this is your calling.

And, yes, it’s a curse – CAUSE YOU CAN’T RUN OR HIDE FROM IT!

Just like a ghost. It’s always there… da-da-da…. LURKING.

I’m sometimes jealous of the people who “haven’t figured it out yet”.

They get to go on Yoga Retreats and EAT, PRAY, & LOVE their way to their purpose.

The second that is over, the honeymoon of “finding yourself” ends, it’s hard work.

It’s no longer just fun & games, it’s FUN & PURPOSEFUL, but always with a purpose.

You stop getting “recess”.

Which may sound bad to most people who live for their 2-4 weeks vacation a year, BUT….

You get FULLY recharged from living your purpose!

You don’t actually need to take holidays and you actually don’t want to take holidays because that sounds boring, you’d rather be working.

I still don’t get why people like “holidays”.

Don’t get me wrong, I like changes of scenery and exploration and adventure, but an actual holiday sounds like retirement to me, and I’m not even interested in the least bit.




The world needs you right now.

It needs your special love for that geeky thing you do.

You do have everything inside you to see your dreams become a reality.

God hands it out as STANDARD OPERATING EQUIPMENT at birth.

There are no extra people on this earth.

We all have been given a gift to share with others!

I mean, I actually had a client last week who said, “You find this fun??” and I DO!

Thank GOD we are all made differently!

Thank GOD no one wants to be me!

And THANK GOD that I do want to be me.

I get to choose everyday to be me and to be happy in the life I’ve choosen.

Because, look around.

Look around the room you are in right now.


It’s all you.

Your life has been ALL you.

No point in blaming someone else. (Although, I’d like to blame the economy, government, my kids…)

If you haven’t found your purpose yet, find it.

If you have found your ‘curse’ of purpose, are you going full-throttle?

Are you doubling-down on life?

I am and it’s about killing me – but I LOVE it.

And there are NO other options.

BURN THE BOATS. There’s no turning around.

There’s no icing on this cake….yet! Every once in a while, I bite into a RAINBOW SPRINKLE.

People either support me or just get out of my way!


Live YOUR Legacy!

xx Lisa



PS. My vision is BIGGER than ever. Helping women step into their FINANCIAL POWER. It’s on! – WEALTHSPA.CA !

PPS. This is dedicated to the small tribe of amazing women who have supported me over the last three years by reading my blog, listening to my talks or podcasts (even the ones I deleted), paid for my book, read my book, became clients, followed me, joined me in my vision to help women financially. This is for you. THANK YOU for being the RAINBOW SPRINKLES in my life! xx


The Most Important Thing A Leader Needs To Do

The Most Important Thing a Leader Needs To Do


You’re reading this because you are one.

You know it deep in your soul.

Some aren’t and that’s okay.

I’m always amazed at the people I meet who know they aren’t meant to lead. And I admire them.

They have their own important purpose here, and it manifests in the most spectacular ways.

But this message, it’s specifically for the leaders…

The ones who were called.

The ones who know they are meant to lead, and create big changes in the world.

This is for you.

You’re wondering why it isn’t happening yet?

You’re wondering if you are making a difference at all?

You’re out on a limb and in constant flux of wondering if any of this is even what you are called to do – that’s how much self-doubt you’ve had around your calling lately?

You’re starting to think the stars will never align?

You’re wondering if you were just meant to live a small life at the end of day? Cause let’s face it – it’s easy to do that. Shrink. Play small.

I’m there with you.

I see you.

I get you.

And then, there’s that still small voice.


So tiny that it gets drowned out by your day-to-day life, but it’s there constantly, like a little child begging for candy. Consistently. Annoying even…

And then it’s laden with “what ifs”.

You want to change an outcome. You want to create a positive impact.

If your leadership goals are in alignment with the highest good for mankind – it will come to pass. It CAN’T NOT.

A double negative.

Follow me here for a minute.

You have a vision.

Your desires, your vision, your dreams were all placed on your heart for a reason.

A beautiful vision for what you want to create and bring into the world.

That is love.

Love is high vibe. Meaning – it’s energy literally vibrating at the highest level.

If your vision was that of fear, anger, overall negative emotions, they are “low-vibe” and vibrating at a much lower level, it will always be easily overtaken by the high vibration of positive emotions for our highest good – like love, joy, peace, kindness…

Do you get where I’m going with this?

Your vision is a frequency.

The highest frequency will win.

Negative anything can’t win when it’s standing for LOVE.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to hold your vision for the world at the highest level, in the highest regard, above all else. ABOVE ALL ELSE.

You can’t associate, or let in the people who bring down your vision.

You protect your baby. At all costs.

No different than you would your own children.

This is just a spiritual protection. It’s also physical, mental and emotional.

Leadership isn’t an easy calling.
It never is – if it was, then everybody would be doing it and be successful at it.

How do you become a leader?


You hear the calling.

You answer it.

You anoint and appoint yourself to bring this vision into the world.

How do you fulfill your calling as a leader?


You hold the vision you have for the world in the highest regard and frequency surrounded by so much LOVE.

Always. Consistently.

It will win. Your vision you have for the world, will win.

It has to.

Otherwise, it’s all futile.

In vain.


Until you put meaning on it. And hold that vision, that vibration for the good of what you are birthing into the world…

AND It is simple, my leaders.

I never said easy.



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H.O.T. Leadership

Would you follow you?

I’m currently contributing a chapter to a book on women’s mentorship and leadership, and as I’m writing this chapter for this book, I find myself in a constant state of query – questioning EVERYTHING I know about leadership.

Like, what really makes a leader?

I’ve read hundreds of books, taken the courses – heck, I even remember being part of the H.O.T. Leadership Team in Grade 5 – which stood for Helping Others Together – however, the only thing HOT about being chosen was Jeff Hill, whom I had a major crush on, plus we got to go on a field trip together and skip school, which clearly made leadership look super HOT.

I feel like leadership is this buzz word in the working world, that to me, quite frankly, means fudge all. (Who doesn’t have “Leadership Skills” on their LinkedIn profile?!)

Let me tell you why…

I did this leadership course a few years back, and one of the exercises was to interview others about you and get true feedback on how you show up in the world.

I hated this exercise. Most people pleasers do (because we immediately want to make the other person happy and please them so they like us.)

But what I hate more is being told what I need to work on, when in fact, I already intuitively know this.

As an adult, (and I caveat that with as an adult who is over 30! I think children do need guidance in this area more so, but even then…) I know exactly where my shortcomings are. I know my strength and weaknesses. I work on them all the time with my life coach, and with my plethora army of business, health & relationship coaches.

Maybe I’m just weird that way – maybe not.

I really do think when you look deep down you know how you are showing up in the world.

You know when you aren’t smiling enough.

You know you should be working out more.

You know you should work on your public speaking.

You know that you talk too much.

Or that you aren’t paying attention to what your soul is screaming at you and following your own path, but instead what you think others want you to do.

Here’s the deal.

You can’t change the past. I find looking there for clues usually leaves you deflated and feeling like crap and adds nothing positive to your current being in the present.

So I’m of the school of thought – why dwell on it? It’s over. Telling me to my face when I already know I screwed up or didn’t nail it on the head when I did try my best is not going to win you any favours in my book.

I think my big pet peeve here is that people are so quick to call themselves leaders and use positions of power to make you feel bad about yourself  which we listen to because they are “well-respected leaders” and we were taught to “respect the leaders”, but I think we are letting too many of NOT the right leaders into our lives.

I think most “leaders”, especially from the business world, are missing a few special ingredients which I think all leaders need to really be effective leaders.

Vulnerability. Humility.

Admitting that they suck sometimes.

And then, I think and only then, you can respect someone in a leadership position because – let’s face it – who wants to follow someone who is perfect?

I took this sales course a year ago from a guy that was very well-paid leadership expert on sales and marketing.

I walked out of that day-long seminar and felt a few things.

  1. He totally came off to me that he was better at sales than anyone else. (Not a great way to get followers…)
  2. He totally didn’t resonate with me at all because of this and I felt he treated a room full of adults almost like children – telling us the rules of how to sell, making us think through our sales process instead of feeling our way through or trusting our own instincts. (When did any sales call ever go according to a script or a step by step plan?!)

Okay, to be fair, I know lots of people, especially men, may need the step by step plan if their brains are wired that way. But, you try to tell an intuitive woman who has run her business for 17 years following her gut to start following some sales protocol?


I do business, as I do life, as I do anything, from my gut – from my intuition, from figuring out what will work for my life and not yours.

I am so proud that over the last few years I have finally stopped listening to EVERYONE full bore and just followed my own path.

I think so many leaders out there are trying to get you to follow their path, their systems, their past – on how they climbed Mount Everest or made a million dollars in business, but that was then, for them – it’s not now, for you.

You need to look within.  Always. And Trust.

God gave you a specific purpose. He didn’t want you to be someone’s puppet.

Take this from someone who has been MANY people’s puppets in the past – and if you are a people pleaser – this is you to a T.

Danielle LaPorte says it best in her new book, White Hot Truth,

You are the authority on you. Nobody knows better than you what’s right for you. NOBODY. Final say? All you. No matter what…. All that experts (leaders) offer you is data for you to take into consideration. You are the centrifugal force that must filter, interpret, and give meaning to that data. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your mind will help you act on what you know. My guiding philosophy about any philosophy is: Take what you want and leave the rest.

So, with that – how do you mentor others? How do you become a leader?



Meaning, declare yourself a leader and start acting like it. BE what you want to be and be it with your whole heart, mind & soul and I guarantee you will show up in the world exactly as you see yourself (no stupid leadership interviews or a course to tell you that!)

When you are following your truth and living from your truth you don’t need to know or really care about what others think!

There will always be haters, and nit-pickers and people who think it should be done another way – screw them. Don’t listen. Choose the leaders you follow based on what is aligned for you.

Let’s face it. There are a million gurus to follow out there.

I personally have my mastermind of about 6 women (yes, my ultimate gurus are all women coincidently – only because I resonate with them) and when I say I would follow these women to the ends of the earth and off a bridge – I probably would. The rest, I can tune out.

(I guess there’s Jesus too… so that throws off the whole woman thing 🙂 – however….

You get to pick and choose what you want from who you want and throw out the rest. That’s the beauty of life.

Here’s the bottom line: To be an effective leader you have to be following your true path and lead from alignment with what is true to your soul. Sorry, my friends, there is no instruction manual that you were born with, although we so badly want to have one and feel it would make life so easy. This is what faith and trust are for. It’s why there is no handbook to how you should live your life and the choices you need to make every step of the way. You must tune in and see what is right for you and not anyone else. Step out in faith.

Those who step out in faith, follow their own path, with humble heart, lead people naturally.




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