Appreciate Your Assets

You want to know how to appreciate & grow your assets?!

This is how.

It all starts with gratitude and thanksgiving for all that you have. When you are truly grateful for the gifts you’ve been given, physically, spiritually, intellectually, monetary, and that resonates with you at a soul level, then that will begin to show in your life around you.

Remember LIKE attracts LIKE. Positivity attracts more positivity.

Point in fact, I talk to my cars and tell them how much I love and appreciate them. I take care of them and keep them clean, and they in return keep me on the road. My one baby has helped me drive for over 325,000 kms in the last 9 years. I know she will last to 425,000 kms because I’ve already told her she would since the first day she was on my driveway. I do send my cars love. I treat my assets with LOVE. I don’t discard them, for they would discard me right back.

Think I’m crazy?! Well, okay, I do too! HOWEVER, you can’t argue with science.

Read this:

Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath in BoulderCreek, California, conduct experiments on the capacities of the human mind in different states of consciousness. They’ve found that when people attain states of gratitude and love, and when their brains and hearts enter into a state of coherence, the power of their intent and presence is maximized. Subjects in this state were able to IMPACT STRANDS OF DNA in a beaker some distance away, just by willing it to happen.

– Text Directly from Dr. John F. DeMartini, 2004, How to Make One Hell of a Profit and Still Get to Heaven, page 108

Not just that, but science has been proven on this many times. Take the good/bad apple experiment that shows the power of our words! Fascinating that the apple that people speak positivity into is still good to eat after 20 days, and the poor apple that got negativity spoken into its life became rotten. This is not just brilliant stuff, but POWERFUL knowledge to harness.


So crazy enough, yesterday marked A HUGE MILESTONE FOR ME!! I’m so proud to say after starting my 1000 Gifts Journal a couple years ago, I have written down 1000 things I’m grateful for, thankful for, and things I want to appreciate in my life.

I had a huge revelation.  (OKAY – YES I’M SOMETIMES SLOW TO THIS GAME….)

You really want to make money and grow and APPRECIATE YOUR ASSETS?!?!



How do you do that?

Acknowledge your assets. Write them down. Keep track of them. Create files, and folders, and spreadsheets, and notes and send them some BLOODY FRICKN’ LOVE!!!

Do this with your MONEY. Do this with your ASSETS. Do this with your MARRIAGE. Do this with your RELATIONSHIPS. Do this with your CARS, YOUR DOG, YOUR FOOD. Do this with EVERYTHING in your life that you want to see APPRECIATE IN VALUE.

Whatever it is in your life. START DOING IT! It works!

I’m sending this article out with LOVE, like I do with everything that I write. At the end of my writing, I say a little prayer that whoever is meant to read this will read it. I appreciate you, my reader. I appreciate that I can share this. I appreciate my laptop that allows me to do this.

I also have another little rule in my business. You can ask my amazing co-pilot that keeps me on track, AKA my amazing PAM, my assistant. The first thing I told her, the very first thing in her job description, was to make sure I wrote and sent out at least one thank you card every day to my clients or people who had given me a gift, or shown me love in some way. Appreciation. At one point, I had a journal I’d keep track of the names and dates I mailed out notecards, and made it my goal to send out 365 cards in a year. Okay, so I’m not at a habit level of “everyday” yet, but I do mail out at least 3 or more per week almost every week. (PS. People appreciate SNAIL MAIL that isn’t BILLS! And a hand-written card always stands out in the crowd.)

What do I want to grow? PEOPLE! I want to APPRECIATE PEOPLE and grow them and teach them how to do the same for everything in their life, especially their MONEY!

So if you haven’t made APPRECIATION a part of your daily habits, maybe it’s time to do that again. Especially if you are serious about growing your WEALTH!


Live Your Legacy. Fund Your DREAMS!