No Holds Barred

I want to share with you something super personal. And don’t worry, it’s not about my vagina. You may think that’s super personal, but I think that plays second fiddle to this topic.

I want to tell you about this part of me and how I protect mine. I’m very passionate about protecting this part of me too – the most delicate flower, besides the other flower 😉

It’s my mind.

I want you to know that I protect my mindset at all costs. ALL COSTS.

To me, my mind and my mindset are the most important thing that I have.

I don’t know if everyone shares the same feelings/thoughts as I do about mindset, and I wonder why that is? Do they just not know that they can choose their thoughts?

To be honest with you, I totally thought this topic should be saved for the people who chose “bad” thoughts, such as murder, violence, the pure evil kind of people. After all, wasn’t that taught to me in Sunday School? Guard your mind. Don’t think evil thoughts.

And we did that. Most of us aren’t murderers or violent people and our lives reflect that.

But today, I want to talk about a different kind of mindset protection – the one that guards our dreams, our innermost desires, the things that we don’t really want to share because they make us vulnerable.

Right now, I want to tell you with one of the biggest things I struggle with, and to be fair, I’m sure I’m not alone, in fact, I know that every functioning brain for the most part on this planet has to deal with this.

Choosing what thoughts serve you is the greatest gift we as humans are given, yet most of us just take life at face value or whatever gets thrown to us and don’t go about choosing to discard the thoughts that don’t serve us.

I am a light. Something I choose to believe, and I find that thought serves me.

I keep my light lit. What does that mean? Personally, I tune out a LOT of crap. I tune out a LOT of darkness that I see (I don’t watch news, even unfollow negative stories or people on Facebook – I read or hear about what I need to from other people close to me), and not because I live in some La-La-Land and pretend everything is all coming up roses, but in a way, yes, it’s because I’m protecting my optimism, my mindset, my dreams.

First of all, it has taken me a few years to discover that I really can choose my thoughts, not just the hand-me-down thoughts I thought I had to take from my parents, family, church, etc. And then taken me a few more years to figure out what thoughts serve me and help me reach my goals and dreams.

I choose thoughts like:

  • It’s easy to make money. (Hey, I’m still working on this one, but I’d rather choose this than thinking that it’s hard to make money.)
  • I am a light, I shine.
  • I live my dream life (and I do! Probably because I choose too!)
  • I am the healthiest person I know (and I am.)
  • I am fit & lean. (ya… that serves me… better than thinking I’m fat!)
  • I am smart.
  • I help millions of people in the world with my message.
  • I am sexy, hot, fun, beautiful and rich. Seriously, why not? (If that just triggered you, then, ask yourself why?)

Because here’s the thing, I only allow a handful of mentors to speak into my life, and not that I don’t listen to what others have to say, I totally love learning, and will always have an open mind, however, when it comes to my deepest truest self, I’ve aligned with mentors that I would literally follow off the earth, and even then, I have mentors for different things in my life, such as business, personal, fitness, etc.

And what I really want to say is this: the people who I allow to speak into my life are NOT the people who are closest to me!

And, here’s my big revelation in the last year or two, the people closest to you – your partner, husband, girlfriend, mom, dad, sisters, brothers, best friends – they love you HOWEVER, they are usually the dream crushers…..

Yes, I will say it again.

The people closest to you are usually the dream crushers.

Not on purpose. They love you. They really want you to succeed, but they usually are the ones to tell you:

  • it isn’t realistic, that you are never going to make it,
  • that you should consider quitting on your dreams as a way to not let you get your hopes up or having to witness you be in pain for falling flat on your face or
  • be brought back to reality or given a “reality check”
  • that you are too optimistic, pie-in-the-sky dreamer, or
  • maybe they are scared of change themselves, and don’t want you to rock the boat.


When you step out powerfully in your life, it makes the people around you uncomfortable. They don’t really want you to change, they like you just the way you are right now. Plus, when you step out into your dreams, you are challenging/triggering/reminding those people that they aren’t. You awaken them to the fact that they aren’t living their dreams, or stepping out in a certain area of their life.


The people closest to us are the people that are usually in our head. Do you agree?

I know this is so true for me!

I don’t care if random strangers tell me that I suck at something, but when it comes from someone close to me, it hurts, it holds weight – and only because I love them, and chose to give them that power over me and speak into my life like that.

I’m learning slowly to stop giving my power away, even to those with the best intentions!

I’m talking about when you are stuck in life. Feeling frustrated. Feeling you aren’t moving forward. That is when you need to protect your thoughts even more. That is when you can’t let the nay-sayers in.

So today, I want you to protect your dreams at all costs, hold them close to your heart and keep them safe. That may mean not sharing it with people closest to you or when you do share it, not letting others opinions of your dreams, your life, how much money you want to make or the impact you want to make in the world.

I am creating a huge transformational shift with my business and all the people I partner with. It’s my dream. To make a difference. To help hundreds of thousands – millions – in my lifetime. I will do it.

Here’s WHY this is so IMPORTANT:

At the end of the day, what purpose we create for ourselves during this human experience is all from the thoughts we think. Our thoughts really do create our lives and the experiences we feel.

We can do anything we believe we can do.

Deep down, you and I know how powerful we really are.

And it scares the shit out of us.

And we hold back.

I hold back.

Without my optimism, my positive thoughts, my mindset and dreams protected, I won’t be able to go out and make a difference in the world.

Think about it.

If I let someone who says “I can’t” into my headspace, then I’ve lost. I’ve let myself down, and the world has lost out on my gift of contribution to society – in whatever shape that comes in (business, art, science, love, charity, writing, etc. – whatever that is for you.)

You are important and you were put here to be an important helper in your own unique way. So, protect those dreams, hold them close to your heart.

Believe in them.

Cause, you know….

You can do anything.

No holding back. No holds barred.



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