You Were Made For More

You Were Made For More

You were made for MORE.

You will never get to where you want to be if you keep playing at the same level that you created your current reality at –

Whatever you wish that to be.

You keep creating at the same level – you keep doing things the ‘old school’ way…

Serious Q:

Do you think for 2 seconds that your current way of doing things is going to get you to that next level?

You are an energy match for exactly where you are RIGHT now.

Look around.

All the good things in your life,

the love, the happiness, the deep joy –


All the crap.

That unhealthy relationship you have with work, your kids, your body, your relationships.

Your bad attitude toward certain people.

The friend or ex that pissed you off.

Your kids doing ‘stuff’ you don’t approve of.

Your boss being a total dingbat.

The guy that cut you off in traffic.

Wake up time!

That’s all on you.

You keep expecting. You keep expecting the world to live by the instruction manual that you wrote for them.

Do you realize how crazy that is?

Do you know how frustrating and maddening it is to live in a world that doesn’t do what you want them to do?

No seriously.

Better questions:

Do you honestly still expect the world to bend to you and all the people in it?

I see this ALL the time.

People expecting others, governments, children, partners, businesses, lovers to act in a certain way – particularly the way that they so desire.

Deep down we want everyone to act the way we want: Stepford Wives. Robots.

When are we going to throw away the manuals we’ve created for others?

When are we going let go of the expectations we have on others?

Do you realize this is what is HOLDING YOU BACK from MORE?

Let’s talk about how to create that miracle, that new life, that new level you want to go to, shall we?

You will never be able to shift into the magical life you deserve without taking full responsibility for what you created right now.

The good, the bad & the ugly.

What have you invited into your life so far?

Do you like it?

Do you want to keep it?

So here’s where we get to play!

That ‘thing’ –

That ‘next level thing’ –

That ‘dream’ you are after –

You have to shift into it first.

You have to play the role, you have to BE it now.

I’ve written about this many times.

So many people have this all wrong.

They DO, HAVE, and then BE or BECOME.

This may work for getting a degree: do the school work, have the degree and then you get to become a graduate or the doctor or the teacher. But that’s about where the masculine DO HAVE BE model really begins and ends.

For the rest of what you want to manifest, the GREAT THINGS you want to manifest – the MIRACLES – they have to come from someplace DEEPER, someplace HIGHER.

In reality for you to get to the next level and become and energetic match for the things, the miracles, you want in your life and the life you want you MUST:

BE, DO and then HAVE.

You first BECOME who it is you want to be in the world by internally stepping into the person you want to be.

You first shift your energy and you do that by living the way you see yourself in the future.

Then you DO the work and take the actions after.

Sidenote: The actions you do are far more inspired when you are already ‘acting’ the part of the person you are planning on showing the world!

Then you HAVE.

(This actually is how you finish a university degree – if you didn’t see yourself as a graduate first my guess is you never finished university – you have to see yourself as what you want to BE, but you have to do that now, not in 4 years time.)

Eventually, your reality catches up with your desires and all that you have been manifesting.

You get to physically see the results of what you were – but it’s no biggie, because you have BEEN (BE) that way for a while now, your reality is finally just energetically catching up to the you who you always knew you were.

Do you get what I’m putting down here?

This quantum physics stuff is mind blowing but not for everyone.

I get that.

You always get the message when your heart is ready to receive it.

And then it’s revealed to you like a lightning bolt and you don’t know how you ever lived before you learned what a miracle really is.

It’s like messing up what we’ve been taught for so long.

It’s like throwing away man’s rule book and playing by God’s.

God has anointed and appointed you LONG BEFORE you will ever see it.

Do you know how FREEING it is to LIVE in a world with no expectations?

Do you know how spectacular life is when you learn you were made for more and ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE?!?!

It’s amazing!

It’s like being in love!

It’s like every Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter all in one!

It shifts your perception on reality.

It connects you the greatest deepest JOY you will ever find.

I pray that for you my friends. I do.

It’s my deepest wish.

It’s my deepest yearning.

It’s my deepest gift I could ever share with you, to which you already know.

You already know this.

You know deep down all of the truth.

Your soul, your heart, your deepest parts know this.

That you were made for more.

That you are more.

That you are more than what your present reality looks like.

That you are more than your past.

That you are more than this moment.

So find that JOY and stay connected to it, do whatever it takes to stay there.

You were made for more.


Live Your Legacy.

xx Lisa


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