Cheers to 2017! WAIT… First Read This…

Before I say good-bye to 2016, I love to reflect on what this year taught me.

I’m READY for this year to be over! So many of you I know feel the same way. For many it was a ‘bad’ year and for many it was a ‘great’ year.

For me, it was an amazing mess of a year – mess in a good way. Could it have been better? HELL YES! In so many areas and for so many reasons of my life it really could have been better. But what it was was PERFECT. (Reflecting on that comes from a heart of gratefulness for the lessons taught from the good, bad & ugly this year.) I am so excited to see what 2017 brings, but first a reflection on 2016.

What 2016 Taught Me:

  • That I have my back, and I can depend on me. Building the relationship with myself to be strong. Loving my own company. Saying I will do something and following through with it.
  • That happiness is only based on my thoughts and it is not anyone else’s responsibility on this planet to make me happy – only my job.
  • That I need to throw out the instruction manual for other people on how they act and behave and love them regardless how they act or what they choose for their life. It’s their life. Other people will act how they choose. I act how I choose. Taking the shoulds and expectation out of the equation and acting from love in all situations (this is going to be a life long one to work on….)
  • That everything I choose to believe came true. I manifested the good, bad & ugly that my thoughts contained. Now, I need to just dream bigger and clearer and go out and reach those goals. Realizing that you are more powerful than you choose to believe is mind blowing.
  • Going deeper into watching my thoughts and guarding them very carefully, and choosing what is right for me instead of following what everybody else is doing.
  • Trusting my gut and my heart when it comes to making decisions that are best for my body, health, heart, mind and soul.
  • Learning not to play small to fit in. Shine and SHINE BRIGHT, and not give a flying F what people thing about me – because they gonna think anyways, and what they think doesn’t matter to me anyways. What people think of me and you doesn’t matter. Learning that the only thing I think about myself is what matters. We will ALL have haters in our lives and that’s okay.
  • I learned that writing a book is 10% of the work and marketing it is 90%. I learned the same is true for any product, event or service you sell.
  • I learned that people just want to know that you care and they just want to be heard and acknowledged (I already knew this, however, it’s always a good thing to discover and re-learn.)

As I am writing out diligently my plans for 2017, I write with certainty that they will come true. I believe these goals will come true, and that belief shapes my thoughts about these things that I have planned. My actions will come from my thoughts and I will end up with the result I want from those actions.

It’s written in every great manuscript that has graced this earth since the beginning of time. It all starts with a belief and a thought – absolutely EVERYTHING in your life is created that way.

So here is what I offer you as you are doing your year-end review and goal setting and dreaming for 2017 and how you want your life to look:

  • If there is something you don’t want in your life, change your thought about it.
  • If there is a person you are having a hard time with or they challenge you, then change your thoughts about them, and see what happens.
  • If there is a habit you don’t want in your life, then change your thought about that habit and see magic unfold as you create the ideal life you want.
  • If there is a goal you feel is too hard and you will never reach it, then change your thoughts to reflect that it is easy to attain, or even say the statement, “I’m on my way to believing that I can accomplish X.”

Once you change your thoughts on these things, then you will be on your way to believing these things, action will follow and then you will have the result you want.

Your year will be what you make it to be – so make it everything you’ve ever dreamed. What’s the use in holding back? What does playing the role of living small do for anyone? Least of all you?

Be the best you this year, learn to have your own back, blow your own damn mind and live with fervor in 2017!

CHEERS to 2017!!

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