Cash Flow Plans

Cash Flow Plan


OK  – TRUTH TIME!  I love financial planning BUT the truth is that what looks great on fancy paper in REAL LIFE RARELY works!!

Sure, me and 18,000+ other CFP’s in Canada can put together a nice SHINY financial plan with all the bells & whistles, full of pie charts and graphs and don’t forget our beloved spreadsheets. However, the reality is that most plans go sideways before they even get implemented and make their home at Iron Mountain or magically turn themselves into sad paper confetti that graces your lonely banana peel at the bottom of the rubbish bin…..


Even if you can implement a brilliant financial plan, then there’s always circumstantial change that happens in the first year or first day (emergency sale at Nordstrom’s) and then BOOM – your plan isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.  Need a new roof?  Car breaks down?  You ended up pregnant by mistake? (OOPS – That one is very expensive!!! 😉 )

Plus all those lovely 100-page-illustrations that your financial advisor killed a few trees for and are just to illustrate this one point – that inevitably every client who’s ever visited a financial advisor at some point in their lives get: “LOOK MR. & MRS. CLIENT, YOU’LL BE WORTH MILLIONS! You just have to cut back on EVERYTHING YOU EVER LOVED, like Starbucks and Coach Purses!  I’m going to need to put you on a BUDGET!”


Budgets are worse than diets.  Budgets make you feel fat and budgie.  UGHH!!

I cringe too!  Because I like Starbucks, purses, AND shoes, and I will throw myself off a cliff if I don’t get my coffee – let alone let a financial advisor tell me I can’t have coffee and have to go on a BUDGET!  {insert profanity of choice}

This is how it usually goes.

Until NOW!

I have been a financial advisor for 15 years, and non-stop on courses and learning everything I can about the economy, business and the financial world in general and all the financial products out on the market and collecting a few letters behind my name in the meantime. I have seen it all  – or so I thought.

The TRUTH is that deep down I knew financial plans were always great on paper, but they didn’t really resonate with my clients.

Retirement is a word that doesn’t inspire anything.  It’s for old people.  It’s too far away.  I’ve got time on my side.  It’s a word that governments and big banks use to scare us into saving for a future that is UNDEFINED.

Do you know anyone who has actually defined what they want to do in ‘Retirement’?  No, neither have I.  It sounds boring – and quite frankly I’d rather be watching Netflix.

Life is not about retirement.  Life is about making a difference, living out our passions and dreams.



Not in 10, 20, or 30 years.


Almost a year ago I was introduced to CASH FLOW PLANNING, a process created by The Money Finder – and for the FIRST time in my financial career did I finally piece together a few great ideas I’ve heard before into a concept that makes sense and that will actually do more than just lip-service to the world of financial planning.  I took the training and became a CCS – Certified CashFlow Specialist!

You need to believe in what you sell, right?

I believe in insurance – because I’ve seen the power of what it can do for families – all types, life, critical illness, disability, travel insurance – you name it – I’ve seen the power of it (Like my $16,222 day in San Francisco’s emergency room a few months ago!)

I believe in investing and the power of compound growth and dollar cost averaging – because I’ve seen it grow clients accounts. The power of a well thought out investment plan can weather the storm of any market over time.

I didn’t really, fully, totally, believe in financial planning, and budgeting.  Sure the financial planning process is great, but where the rubber meets the road? Nope. I never really bought into it, because I can’t really name one person in REAL LIFE that actually followed a financial plan or budget for more than a day, week, month.  Even our government or large corporations don’t follow their budgets most of the time! 😉

Budget is a CURSE word in my world!

Cash Flow Planning is something different!

This is NOT your grandmother’s financial plan!

This is NOT a boring financial plan from your commercialized bank!

You probably have heard bits and pieces of this over the years, but have never found a way to get the results you want or have heard a way to put this all together in a way that makes sense and doesn’t make you b…b…b…b…  – I can’t even say the word.

This is NOT boring.  This makes money FUN again!

This will change the way you accomplish financial dreams!

This is NOT about financial accomplishments.  Accomplishments are like awards you can put on your fireplace mantle that say things like “Debt-Free” and “Retired with $2,000,000 in Assets.”  Congratulations! Those things are accomplishments.

Accomplishments are great. However, they don’t lead to a LIFE YOU LOVE.


Accomplishments do IGNITE – just be sure that they are the side effect of YOUR dreams and not just a way to brag to the world about how much money you have.  How soon we forget – you can’t leave this world with it anyways.  What good does it do you to fill your fireplace full of awards anyways?

Dreams are different.  Dreams are what fuels YOU!  Dreams are the vision you have for your life – to create something worthwhile, to have a positive impact on the world, your community, your family, your best friend.

Cash Flow Planning is about DREAMS, not accomplishments. Accomplishments will be the side-effect of your Cash Flow Plan.

It’s a paradigm shift from eye-rolling-boring-big-bank-stuff to exciting-change-your-life-and-fund-your-dreams!

Cash Flow Planning is about seeing dreams become reality in less than a few years – definitely sooner than age 65  (unless you are 63!)

Getting your own unique Cash Flow Plan will change the way you think about money, use your money and the relationship you have with money because a Cash Flow Plan deals with Behavioural Psychology as well as the numbers.  It already takes into account the fact that you love your Starbucks coffee and your purses and you don’t want to live with a paper bag over your head to make your financial dreams a reality.

I love the study of Behavioural Finance because it just confirms what we already inherently now.  We humans will always take the path of least resistance and we want instant gratification! Sure, we can over come this, but at the end of the day we all come from the same cloth – we want SIMPLE & EASY!

Why Cash Flow Planning is awesome:

  • Create Financial Clarity – figure out why you are ‘saving’ money to begin with!
  • Get more LIFE from your money!
  • Reduce financial stress & worry!
  • Start Funding your dreams in a real way!

Do you make ‘good money’ and not know where it goes each month?

Do you want to fund your dreams and get more life from your money?

Do you feel like your personal finances are all product and no plan?

Do you want financial clarity?

If you answered “YES” to any of those questions, then Cash Flow Planning is for you!


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