Planning Process

Plan Your Finances With Ease…… Four E’s

Ellements Group understands that financial planning can be intimidating – which is why we have created a simple planning process that breaks down our process into four eeeeasy steps.


Step 1: Envision

The first step in our working relationship will revolve around Ellements Group gaining an understanding of what matters most to you.  Only after we capture the vision of what you truly value can we provide strategic insight towards the uniquely designed plan of action required to get you there.

Step 2: Examine

Once we understand where you want to go – the next step is to understand the unique details of your reality; the personal, professional and peripheral realities that need to be considered as the foundation for your next steps.  This collection of information that will paint the picture of our jump-off point; the place from which we begin to move ever closer to the realization of your dreams!

Step 3: Educate

This is less of a step and more of an ongoing process of proactive communication and collaboration where your financial plan is explained using language you understand, as we delve into strategizing real-time schedules and measurable tactics.  Ellements Group wants you to have a comprehensive understanding of what you are doing, where you are headed and why.  We will present you with all the alternatives, complete with comprehensive explanations surrounding risk, reward, industry trends, newsworthy influences, plan B options and our own empathetic opinions, so that you go into every decision with the information required to make an educated decision.

We do this not only so you can achieve peace of mind surrounding your own path, but to equip you as an expert capable of sharing what you now know with friends and family.

Step 4: Execute

Just like the feeling you get when you find an amazing pair of shoes, from your favorite designer, in your size… on sale!  That’s the feeling you’ll get when everything about your financial plan falls perfectly into place to align with your dreams.  It’s one thing to talk about success, but where Ellements Group truly excels is in the execution of plans that result in measurable returns for our clients.  We aren’t just doing things for the sake of doing them – we are executing a best-practice plan with the legs (and shoes) to get you on the track to success!


Financial Planning is like a long term romance, we won’t try to close you on the first date!